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Basil Garden Club thanked


When Basil Garden Club members watered the town containers recently, they were pleasantly surprised to see the big “Thank You” signs next to the containers at the traffic lights on Market Street.

Some anonymous person is really pleased with the flowers this year to go to this effort to thank the club for their civic beautification.

When we’re watering the containers, we get compliments and comments from village residents either while they are waiting for the traffic light to change or while passing by on their bicycle or walking. We’re glad that residents are enjoying the containers of wave petunias, alyssum and spike this summer and appreciate the gesture.

Sharon Anderson and Karleen Tope are the Club Civic Beautification Co-Chairs. They plan and coordinate the town container contents throughout the year and club members help to water and maintain the plantings.

The Basil Garden Club members thank the anonymous sign maker for your Thank You sign.

Louise Smith
Basil Garden Club Publicity

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