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Ban on golf carts in state park draws fire


The BLASST fireworks at Fairfield Beach were great! It is that slow-burn that gets to you. I think there is another hidden agenda afoot. For the FIRST time ever, all around the state park were signs posted “Golf carts prohibited” which was confusing to me…Why? Just because the park officers say so?! Residents at Fairfield Beach have more liberties than other local towns and cities since it is unincorporated and a resort area as well.

The last time I checked there is NO law about golf carts on the books at Fairfield Beach. There is NO LAW saying you have to have your golf cart licensed (they are a slow-moving vehicle not qualified as a car/truck). They are a recreation vehicle to enjoy our recreation liberties here at Fairfield Beach!! Being in a resort area allows swimming, boating, fishing, hunting, ice skating, ice fishing and boat races. This is where people come to relax and have fun and enjoy families. And part of the uniqueness of Fairfield Beach and surrounding areas is the golf carts and being able to get to the lake up close and personal. Besides, it is fun. In recent years, golf cart parades were held at the beach driving up and down each road displaying our decorated carts with prizes awarded for the best decorated. It was a BLAST!

This is unique to OUR area at FAIRFIELD BEACH. Let’s not lose this!! Last July 3, I felt sorry for our park officers having to walk the whole area – while residents used golf carts on state property. This year, our golf carts were banned on state property and park officers had golf carts, which is good, so they can cover the area and save their feet. I thought our parks belong to the people – ALL of the people of Ohio. The anthem states “with liberty and justice for all”….not just the law! Stand up and voice your opinion on this matter before another Beach liberty is removed. Call Buckeye Lake State Park at 467-2690 and/or the Ohio Parks & Recreation at 614-265-7000 to let your voices be heard on this.
Larry & Donna Haught
Fairfield Beach

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