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Baltimore ‘watchdog’ is surprised


I read the Baltimore Village Council story in the Nov. 29 Beacon with great interest. I was happy to learn that the recent paving project finished at nearly $ 40,000 under estimate. One would think that village officials would put that money away to allow for some necessity. It did not take long…they bought a dump truck for $ 40,000.

I believe that I remember reading that a village owned truck and backhoe were in bad shape, and I assume that they did not know that they were going to have $ 40,000 to play with.

What I find extremely surprising is Council President Hochradel being “against” hiring an Administrative Assistant. In case you have forgotten, when Council President Hochradel was “just” a council member, he constantly voted with the six “aye” voters that increased the village payroll for the positions of Village Administrator, Service Superintendent, full-time Police Chief and Village Engineer. What does it matter if we add another position? Is it possible that someone is finally concerned about the growing payroll/ debt in a village that is not “growing” as our mayor continues to tell anyone who will listen.

I do hope that the upcoming retirement of fiscal officer Flo Welker is “her” decision. I met with her several times while submitting public record requests. I do hope that her compliance with the law has nothing to do with her retirement. I have heard rumors that her retirement was “forced” and not “by choice”, but without knowledge of her decision process, I cannot verify the terms of her retirement, but in my opinion, she did a very good job. Enjoy your retirement, Flo.

Charles R. Lamb

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