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Another Letter: Is Liberty Township going backwards?


The Liberty Township Board of Trustees, with two new members, voted unanimously to slash zoning services and eliminate township administration in its entirety. The measures came in response to an approval in late December by the former board of a comprehensive zoning amendment designed to bring the township into compliance with state laws, eliminate vague and unenforceable language in the old code, and implement additional procedures designed to promote conservation of land and prevent drainage issues. Adoption of the comprehensive re-writing of the zoning resolution was the culmination of two years of work that involved the zoning commission, zoning staff, the director of the regional planning commission, legal counsel, board of zoning appeals and township citizens.

The board eliminated the assistant zoning inspector and township administrator positions, then slashed the remaining zoning inspector’s position, which will have a drastic impact on customer service. The decisions came at a time when the new board of trustees inherited from the old board the largest budget surplus in the history of Liberty Township. The overall budget for the entire township did not reach $1 million until 2008, and the carryover into 2010 was more than $600,000, roughly two-thirds of the entire budget. Liberty Township has no voted levies. Further, grants and changes in the health care plan recommended by the administrator offset the incremental cost of the administrator portion of his salary

Is Liberty Township in reverse?
Nancy Montell

Liberty Township

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