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‘America needs jobs…’


What is the future for the 12.8 MILLION Americans out of work? What about the Americans who have given up the search out of despair? In his nearly 4 years in office, President Obama has only added 4 million jobs. At that rate it will take much longer than one more term for the “Obama Plan” to help those who need a job NOW.

What is needed in our country is not complicated or profound. It does not take a special government commission to decide what America needs. What America needs is jobs and lots of them. Mitt Romney knows this and said as much in speech to the National Republican Convention.

The 18 tax hikes built into the Obamacare law ( <> ) and the roll back of the Bush tax cuts will be a one, two punch to the gut of all Americans at ALL income levels. Democratic rhetoric aside we will all be forced to foot this bill and it will only make the deficit and debt crisis worse.

Medicare and Social Security are in trouble. Our government has been robbing these services to to pay for other service for years. How can Socialized medicine be any different? The money has to come from somewhere. More taxes is the only answer this President has.

While the federal government balloons, forcing local governments into commitments they can’t afford, these local governments will go broke or hike already high taxes in an attempt to meet obligations they cannot hope to fund. Inevitably America will begin a downward spiral into a country we will no longer recognize.

This election is one Americans cannot afford to ignore. If we don’t awake and vote to keep this nation free our economy will buckle under the weight of trillions of dollars of additional debt. We must understand that, the larger the government the smaller the power of the people. It is wrong to steal from our neighbor because he has more money, so why should the government be allowed to do it?

September must be the time for every American’s wake-up call, regardless of party. We should be afraid of what our country will look like with four more years of spiralling debt and soaring unemployment that is inevitable with Obama at the helm and Democrats in control of the Senate. Real leadership, strong leadership is needed now more than ever. We have the power in our hands if we will only use it.

Get registered to vote by Tuesday, October 9, 2012.

Then vote on Tuesday, November 6, 2012.

Remember, we can’t afford to ignore this election!

Perry County Women for Romney
Laurie Groves, Nancy Keller Riley,
Patricia Weed and Cindy Novak

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