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Add another ‘C’ to Guiding Principles

‘Five C’s’ were presented as ‘Guiding Principles’ to ODNR’s handpicked Community Advisory Council at the group’s first meeting Sept. 21. They are:

• Candid

• Constructive

• Civil

• Confidentially as needed

• Community interest is paramount

An obvious choice would have been “clarity” as in transparency. But that’s probably too much of a stretch even for ODNR in their bizarre world where they pick ALL the members of an advisory council. After months of stonewalling and outright deception, ODNR probably figured why should they promote transparency when opacity has been working so well.

Given the council’s organization and structure, our sixth ‘C’ would be co-opted. Council members aren’t even talking to ODNR at all, much less decision-makers. It’s like the old car salesman trick. You negotiate a deal with the salesman, but he has to check with the sales manager who almost always rejects the deal.

Council members are talking with an ODNR contractor (Gannett Fleming) and subcontractor (Hicks Partners). They work for ODNR. Like the car saleman, they might tell us what we want to hear, only to have ODNR reject it. Sadly, the Council is just another failed ODNR promise. It’s not credible!

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