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A “Yes” vote saves you money


Walnut Township residents have an Energy Aggregation option (Issue 16) on their May 6 ballot. The intent is to save residents money. Approval will allow residents and small businesses to save an estimated 20% on the electrical generation portion of our bills or approximately $130-180 annually.

If you don’t want to participate you can opt out at no cost. By Ohio law, only AEP customers can participate. Co-op customers (South Central Power) are not eligible.

Ohio law now allows local communities to aggregate their citizens to buy electricity as a group and negotiate the terms, conditions and price of electricity on the group’s behalf. Group buying power is an effective way to obtain a lower electricity rate for group members.

Millersport and Thurston village councils have also placed this issue on the May ballot for their residents. The Walnut Township, Millersport and Thurston issues are independent issues for each community. Voters in each community will decide whether they will participate. Three other communities in Fairfield County will also be voting on this issue – Berne and Richland townships and the Village of Rushville. We thank our County Commissioners for reimbursing us for the cost of placing this issue on the ballot.

We encourage all Walnut Township residents to support this issue. It is a “Win-Win” opportunity for citizens and small business owners to save money on your AEP electric bill. You also have the right not to participate. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Terry Horn, Doug Leith & Bill Yates
Walnut Township Trustees

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