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A ‘YES’ vote saves you money!

Voters in Union and Walnut townships and in the Villages of Millersport and Thurston can reduce their American Electric Power electricity bills if they approve their electric aggregation issue next week. Typically, a ‘YES’ vote costs you money.

This time a ‘YES’ vote allows your township or village to aggregate their residential and small business AEP customers to seek a lower rate for the electric generation portion (typically about 50 percent) of your electric bill. Savings of about 20 percent are expected with a typical household saving about $115 a year.

State law excludes co-ops from aggregation so Energy Cooperative and South Central Power customers won’t be able to participate. However, co-op customers will still see the issue on their ballots. Please help your neighbors save money on their electric bills by voting ‘YES.’

The townships and villages will be using consultants to seek the best deal for their residents. All eligible customers will be automatically enrolled. If you don’t want to participate, you can opt out at no cost. Participants will still receive one monthly bill from AEP which will include both the electric generation charge and the transmission/delivery charges that AEP will continue to provide.

It’s a WIN-WIN for us all!

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