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A Visual Reminder



The photo above is a visual reminder of what’s at stake as Buckeye Lake Village Council members select an engineering firm for the upcoming storm water management project. This photo, taken last summer on Central Avenue, clearly demonstrates what’s wrong with the village’s current engineer – M•E Companies. Three critical specifications in the paving contract are being ignored. First, the existing surface was not swept clean before the new asphalt was applied. Second, the contractor did not use a tack or bond coat to help the new asphalt adhere to the existing surface. Finally, the contractor has shortchanged the village on asphalt. The contract calls for two inches of asphalt after itiscompacted. Theasphaltaboveisevenwiththe2x4whichisactuallyonly1.5 inches thick. This asphalt has been only partially compacted, so it’s likely the asphalt will only be about 1.25 inches thick when compaction is finished. That’s nearly a 40 percent savings on asphalt which comes out taxpayers’ pockets and into ChemCote’s bank account. Yes, M•E’s then $70 per hour inspector was there that day.

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