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A new team is needed to continue BLASST


All I can say is thank God the big day part is over. Tom Swank apologies for the missing 30 seconds of silence for the prayer after taps on the radio simulcast. It was overlooked in our hurry to get the soundtrack done and sent to the fireworks company. I write the voice-over copy and got it to him late. I did everything late this year.

Hamburg Fireworks apologizes for the two 30 second or so gaps that happened for the first time in 15 years. The control board went down on them twice. Hopefully you didn’t notice, but three of us were mad as hatters – Mike and Kenny from Hamburg and me. I am their harshest critic. But I loved my Flag, I LOVED MY FLAG!!!!! Wasn’t it beautiful? It was a surprise going away present to me that everybody got to enjoy. Thank you, gentlemen.

I want to thank the team Tim Waln put together. Please read Tim’s Thank you on Page 7. I had hoped to give each team member a disposal camera so everyone could see what they do for our special tradition. Unfortunately, that fell victim to my illness. I think if residents at least understood what you do on this day, there would be better understanding and appreciation for you all. I am so grateful that you are there in place for all of us. You are the backbone. You are glue that holds this together. I get it, please know that. Thank each and every one of you who not only worked that night but volunteer your time whenever, for whatever. From me a special thank you to the Millersport Fire and Police departments. You are my homies.

I went to a party Sunday night in downtown Columbus and a major topic of conversation was how bad the “Red White and Boom” show was. No one there knew what I did out here or for that matter about BLASST at all. However, the more they talked the better time I had at my party for one!!! Hehe! I’m sorry… that might sound catty…meow!

I am happy to report that thank to the “Friends of BLASST” and a huge help from Buckeye Lake Marina, we raised our $40,000 commitment to Hamburg Fireworks. I am 100% certain that would not have happened without them. I am thanking you all from the 60-70 thousand people who watched the show and from me personally again. BLASST takes a community to happen now.

We have a new person working on the website. His name is Chris Luers. I haven’t met him in person yet, but I know he has children and grandchildren. He has made my life easier. I have a feeling the website is going to change in a big way. Welcome Chris, I am glad you’re here! My thanks to Rhonda Carte for all that she has done in the past.

I’m told Cub Scout Pack 227 from Millersport went out to help clean up Fairfield Beach on Saturday morning. I am sure they were met by the park cleanup crew. Tim and I tried something new this year. He put locked donation boxes up at Liebs Island and the North Shore. Tim is not allowed to touch them by ODNR rules. I have to retrieve the money. Tim’s job is to bring and welcome people into the parks.

I don’t have to be so hospitable. I’m a little sour on some of our visitors. They don’t bring anything to the table and often leave behind a big mess to clean up. I can only hope they spend money at some local businesses while they are here. Sadly there were just three pennies in the box at Liebs Island and $8.15 at the North Shore. It took seven people two hours to clean up after them the next day just at North Shore. Tim’s crew reported it was the worst it’s ever been.

I am leaving in October to winter in Florida. I need to organize a group of people to take over BLASST. It’s too much for one person and I can’t do it anymore.

Victoria Wolfe

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