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A different perspective on the Licking County Animal Shelter


After reading the “Watchdog” letter last week, I want to comment on my recent experience with the Licking County Animal Shelter.

I came home last Thursday morning after being in Columbus for a dental appointment. As I pulled into my driveway, I observed a large dog ( maybe a Newfoundland) laying in my neighbors’ front yard near the porch. I knew they did not own a dog and was curious as to what the dog was doing other than just being a dog.

I walked across the road, up to the dog and spoke to him. He just looked at me without much reaction. I then observed why he was laying there. Both of his front paws were in leg hold traps. My neighbor has had a serious problem with groundhogs and raccoons on his property and was using them to catch the critters.

Long story short, I called my Vet who advised me to call the sheriff’s office to hook up with the animal shelter. A lady at the sheriff’s office transferred me to a lady at the animal shelter with no wait. I advised her of my situation and she said she would have someone there as soon as possible.

Within 20 minutes, two separate vehicles arrived and a lady and an officer from the animal shelter were able to get the dog free from the traps in very short time. They advised me the dog would be taken to a Vet and checked over and then to the shelter.

Everyone involved in this matter acted professional, caring and concerned for this dog. This has been my only experience with the Licking County Animal Shelter, but I feel there is good to report also. The employees that I observed performed their duties and did so with the dog’s physical well-being their greatest concern. THEY DID THEIR JOB. A job that I would imagine is very trying, emotional and difficult, most of the time.

I thank them for their promptness and caring for the dog. Thankfulness and concern are always better than negativity.

Mike Karn
Union Township

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