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A blessed Christmas to all


Many times I have wondered why discussion of religion has to be so taboo. Personally, I feel if we called on our LORD first, and prayed for our country, we would not be in such a mess like we are today.

Without my LORD and faith, my husband, my family, and my faithful co-worker, Robin, I don’t know where I would be. They go above and beyond me! This community and my customers are the best. I couldn’t ask for any better. Where else can you find such awesome customers like mine?!

One day recently we were busy and Robin was scheduled off. One of my wonderful patrons stopped eating his breakfast, came behind the counter, and helped me the rest of the shift. Such things have happened before. They often call on me when they are concerned about me – they really and truly care.

My customers are like my family and I’m very very blessed. This business is more than food, it’s about friends who act like family, and how can I not thank God for them?! I believe Christ should be kept in Christmas and that Jesus should be celebrated all year round.

To all of you in Millersport, Walnut Township, and around Buckeye Lake, may you all be as blessed this Christmas as I am and throughout the year ahead!

Thank you, Jeff and Jackie for the years at the Valero and your generous support for our community. Best wishes in your next endeavors. Welcome, Circle K. We know you will continue to support our community.

Grateful to my LORD and all of you,

Kim Oxley

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