Editorial: Our thoughts on Election 2018

We’re all sick of the election ads! Thankfully it will soon be over. Here’s some thoughts you might want to consider before voting. Nothing improves our lives more than a growing economy with increasing wages, declining unemployment and higher productivity. A good job means we can take care of ourselves without relying on government and fickle politicians to get by. […]

Editorial: YES for Lakewood

Editorial: YES for Lakewood No one likes paying more taxes. But neither should Lakewood be educating its youngest students (Kindergarten through Second Grade) in a building more than 100 years old. The Hebron Elementary School building has served this community well for many years, but it is no longer an acceptable school building. The classrooms are too small for today’s […]

Buckeye Lake Village officials can work together.

By Charles Prince BUCKEYE LAKE – It turns out Buckeye Lake Village officials can work together. Village Council’s October 22, meeting was the most productive in recent memory. The lengthy agenda included ordinances and resolutions that needed to be approved on the first reading to get bills paid; pay village staff; keep two critical, primarily grant-funded, projects with ODOT on […]