School lunches

School lunch menus for the week of October 30. Hebron Elem/Jackson Intermediate Monday: #1 Walking taco #2 PBJ pocket, refried beans, and fruit. Tuesday: # 1 Spooky chicken nuggets #2 PBJ pocket, steamed California blend, Halloween cookie, and fruit. Wednesday: #1 Pizza #2 PBJ pocket, cucumbers w/ ranch, and fruit. Thursday: #1 Sub sandwich #2 PBJ pocket, tossed romaine salad, […]


Pete Myer points out ODNR’s contradictions

Mr. Holtsberry: Thank you for your email of Oct.5, 2017. Pardon my delay in responding; I needed to get some information from NOAA, but their web-site was down for several days, I presume for annual maintainence: I then was ill for several days. To begin, let me be blunt- I don’t believe that most of the points I raised in […]


Cost of additional Buckeye Lake Village levy clarified

NEWARK – Voters in Buckeye Lake Village are being asked to approve an additional five mill levy for five years for street maintenance, street paving, street lights and basic operational needs. A flyer being distributed by the Committee for the Betterment of Buckeye Lake lists the cost as “.50 cents per $100 dollars of valuation for 5 years.” While that […]


2017-10-28 E-Edition