Dawes works to repopulate disappearing Monarchs

JACKSONTOWN– Similar to America’s honeybee population, Monarch butterflies are shrinking in numbers at an alarming rate. “The populations are really in trouble,” Shana Byrd, Dawes Arboretum director of land conservation. She said Dawes has taken on the mission of trying to help repopulate the species and explain how easy, fun, and gratifying it can be for anyone to join the […]

Improved bond rating saves Lakewood nearly $900,000 in interest on debt

HEBRON – Mike Burns, director at Robert W. Baird & Co., told Lakewood School Board members Aug. 12 that through the efforts of Lakewood Treasurer Glenna Plaisted and Superintendent Mary Kay Andrews the school district improved its bond rating and, in turn, saved the district nearly $900,000 on its bond debt. “That’s something very impressive,” Burns said. “You’re in the […]

Hundreds turn out for ODNR dam update

MILLERSPORT – More than 400 lakefront residents packed the Millersport Elementary School auditorium Wednesday evening for ODNR’s first open house about the Buckeye Lake dam this year. ODNR senior policy advisor Mark Anthony outlined two missions for the meeting. He said ODNR wants to provide residents with the information known now and to get feedback from residents. “We want to […]

LEADS Headstart finds new home

BUCKEYE LAKE – The Buckeye Lake LEADS Head Start program has found a new permanent home in Buckeye Lake, still within the village but out of range of a dam breach, said Head Start/Early Head Start director Marianne Chillinsky. “Yes, we have found a new home for our Buckeye Lake Head Start children and families,” said Chillinsky. LEADS will relocate […]

Letters to the Editor

Your letters are welcomed and encouraged. We prefer typewritten letters of 250 words or less. All letters must be signed and include your name, address, and a daytime phone number where we can reach you for confirmation purposes. All letters published will include the writer’s name and community. Addresses and phone numbers will not be published. We reserve the right […]

Sweet Corn Festival is earresistible

Editor, We encourage all of the readers of The Beacon to set some quality family time aside on September 2 thru September 5 to make some new friends, visit with neighbors and support their own community’s many charitable organizations operating fundraising booths at the Sweet Corn Festival. In this fast-paced, hectic, busy world we live and work in today, it […]

Park officers put damper on Mopar event

Editor: Seeing all the tire marks on Ohio 79 reminds me of the good time our village had on Saturday night of August 8th. I too want to congratulate the police and fire departments on their handling of the evening. Their presence was in a friendly manner which the MOPAR crowd and many other car people appreciated. Sadly, the same […]

Council meetings are like kindergarten

Editor: A trip to a council meeting is a real eye opener – It felt like walking into a children’s class – where everyone is afraid the other one is getting more attention than you are. Have you noticed the number of people attending council meetings? It’s depressing to think we have a council that doesn’t fight for us or […]

Summer food program volunteers thanked

Editor: I want to thank all of the volunteers that helped with the Buckeye Lake Ryan Park summer food program. Three area churches sent volunteers to pick up lunches at the Salvation Army in Newark and distribute it to Buckeye Lake area children. The volunteers are: Linda Masone, Sally Oldham, Winnie King, Sharon Leib, Paulette Meagher, Chris and Kate Whitehead, […]

Council is acting like young children

Editor: I cannot believe the behavior of our local government. Buckeye Lake Village Council thinks they have the right to tell Council Member Peggy Wells she’s not allowed to speak at three council meetings. They also think they have the right to block her from voting on village issues. Two of the council members who did this were only “appointed” […]