Good Turnout To Arbor Day Event Despite Soggy Day.

JACKSONTOWN– The Dawes Arboretum’s annual Arbor Day event has such a strong following that attendance remains strong even on rainy days…like last Saturday. Dawes Public Relations Director Laura Appleman said roughly 2,000 people visited Dawes April 25, which is significantly lower than the 3,000 to 4,000 people who visit on clear, sunny Arbor Days, but still, 2,000 visitors isn’t bad. […]

Village officials thought evacuation drill went ‘smoothly’

BUCKEYE LAKE – A mock evacuation Saturday went “smoothly,” village officials said Monday night. “A lot of people seem to think this was an Ohio Department of Natural Resources drill; it was not,” said Buckeye Lake Village Council member Arletta Ruton. “This was put on by the state and local EMAs and local responders.” April 25, seven agencies – Fairfield […]

Commentary: Buckeye Lake water level drops lower

BUCKEYE LAKE – The lake’s water level is down about 2.5 inches from last week to just above 888.35. That’s about five inches BELOW ODNR’s newly defined winter pool. The drop is no surprise to waterfront residents who are seeing more mud and less water. ODNR’s rapid draw down which finally ended on April 18 stranded dozens of boats on […]

Fire Chief: Stay off the lake mud

JACKSONTOWN – Licking Township Fire Company Chief Mike Wilson received a very unusual distress call April 17: Someone was stuck in the mud up to his waist about 20 to 24 feet offshore near Avondale. The person had a metal detector. “It looked like they were in there working,” Wilson said. “We had to improvise.” He said four people were […]

Our children need our support

Editor: I was working outside a few Saturdays ago and stopped and looked over where the Millersport High School baseball team was playing. As I listened to the cheering and clapping of the parents and friends standing against the fence, I wondered if they were thinking about next year and would these games even be played. For seniors it would […]

Take the time to vote Tuesday

Editor: Walnut Township Schools are asking voters to approve seven additional mills on Tuesday, May 5, which would generate $1,000,000 annually. I have not seen a single sign and even asked some other local residents who were unaware of this issue on the ballot. Fairfield County will recalculate all real estate enrolled in the agriculture CAUV program in 2015 and […]

More negligence at the dog pound

Editor: In my last letter to The Beacon, I found where the pound was using expired drugs to euthanize animals. I have since found that the pound sold a van (through an online auction) and inside the van were two GUNS (a rifle and a handgun) with plenty of ammunition!!! Although the purchaser of the van took the guns and […]

Is the Army Corps monitoring ODNR?

Editor: Is there any ongoing communication between the ODNR and the Army Corps of Engineers? Since there is no two-way communication between ODNR and anyone else, it is difficult to imagine that there is. Why is this so? I can understand the supposedly unbiased report from the Army Corp of Engineers states, “Huge problem, lots of danger, but give us […]

Crazy for ‘Crazy for You’

Editor: The Lakewood High School play “Crazy for You” was performed several times last weekend for the whole community. It was absolutely spectacular. The productions was amazing – the singing, the entire cast and wow, the dancing! I had to go back to see it again to absorb it all and to feel the joy of the students as they […]

Anne Heisey Curtin Harris

Anne Heisey Curtin Harris, 63, of Dawsonville, Georgia, passed away Sunday morning, April 26, 2015, at her home on Lake Lanier. Born July 15, 1951, in Newark, Anne was the daughter of Mary Heisey (Curtin) Merrill and George DeArmond Curtin, Jr. She is survived by her husband of 42 years, Carlton Bruce Harris; brother, George DeArmond Curtin III; stepsister, Katherine […]