Grand opening December 15th

HEBRON – New Life Methodist Church Pastor Brian Harkness is confident the former Creative Catering building will be ready Sunday for “dress rehearsal” services. “It’s all little stuff now,” he said Tuesday, as rolls of carpet unfurled. Dec. 15 will be the first official services in New Life’s new location across US 40 from the Hebron Administration Building, but Harkness […]

Hebron offers to extend contract while discussions continue

UNION TOWNSHIP – Hebron Mayor Clifford Mason assured Union Township Trustees Monday night that township residents who live south of the Columbus & Ohio River Railroad tracks would have emergency services even if trustees and the village do not reach agreement on a new fire contract by the end of the year. Trustees are paying Hebron $420,000 for the current […]

Bids received to remove 53 trees from dam

BUCKEYE LAKE – A total of 53 trees will be removed from Buckeye Lake’s earthen dam by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. Buckeye Lake State Park manager Jason Wesley said the total includes trees individual property owners have requested removed. ODNR spokesman John Wisse said Wednesday the start date for the project is yet to be determined, but he […]

Letters to the Editor

Your letters are welcomed and encouraged. We prefer typewritten letters of 250 words or less. All letters must be signed and include your name, address, and a daytime phone number where we can reach you for confirmation purposes. All letters published will include the writer’s name and community. Addresses and phone numbers will not be published. We reserve the right […]

‘Is it wrong that I liked Baltimore the way it was?’

Editor: Mr. Nicodemus had a “Letter to the Editor” addressing the dissatisfaction of many Baltimore residents about our present village administration and village council. I consider myself a “watchdog”, and have no real desire to serve on the village council. But if I did, I would guarantee that there would not be the constant six “Aye” and zero “Nay” votes […]

Dog warden hires out-of-county employees

Editor: Licking County dog warden John Silva has hired another person at the pound. The new hire is Reagan Tetreault. She was hired in an “Intermittent” position (a position that I believe was created by Silva as a parking spot for some of the members of his private club of Good Ol’ Boys)! Tetreault was formerly the Holmes County Dog […]

Lots to be thankful for in Millersport

Dear Editor: The Thanksgiving holiday is over and some pretty neat events occurred in Millersport. First, the Illumination Choir presented a Christmas Madrigal on Friday, Nov. 23 and Saturday Nov. 24. The 30-member choir had representatives from all of the high school sports teams and top scholars. The meal was wonderful and the outstanding performance sold out to 80 people […]

Writer predicts new trustee in 2015

Editor: While Geary Step is correct with the numbers he quoted, he failed to realize in 2009, 1,178 people voted giving Ben Hupp and Dan VanBuren about 25 percent of the votes. In 2013, 876 people voted giving Hupp and VanBuren 25 percent of the votes. Stepp needs to look at the percentages, not just numbers to realize Vermillion was […]

Officials should fight to keep bank

Editor: What else is going to leave Buckeye Lake? We lost our grocery store, polling place and now our bank. We have resident who rely on walking to the bank. Some are in wheelchairs and walkers. We need to fight to keep our bank. We should be calling and writing to the main office. Or better yet, our mayor should […]

Cow stolen again, $500 reward

BUCKEYE LAKE – Once again, someone has stolen a life sized plastic cow from the property near local artist Ray King’s studio on Walnut Road. “You had to have two or three guys to do it,” said King, explaining that three plastic cows were purchased from China and shipped to Buckeye Lake. He said the cows were $1,000 each, shipping […]