Buckeye Lake fire levy approved

NEWARK – Buckeye Lake area voters approved two local fire levies, including a controversial five-mill, five-year renewal levy for the Buckeye Lake Fire Department and an additional 1.5-mill levy in Union Township. Buckeye Lake’s fire levy was renewed by a 233 to 192 vote, including Fairfield County voters, in unofficial results from Tuesday’s election. “I’m really happy about that,” said […]

Voters return Horn, elect Leith in Walnut Township

LANCASTER – The fivecandidate race for two trustee positions in Walnut Township was the hottest lake area contest in Fairfield County. Incumbent Trustee President Terry Horn weathered a blistering attack from retiring Trustee Sonny Dupler to lead the pack with 628 votes. Challenger Doug Leith came in second with 509 votes and will take Dupler’s seat. Walnut Township Board of […]

Factor ousted in Thorn Township

NEW LEXINGTON – David Lyle led the three-candidate field for two trustee positions in Thorn Township. He garnered 610 votes. Longtime incumbent Rick Wilson received 561 votes and was reelected. Incumbent Dale Factor trailed with 330 votes and will not be returning for another term. “I thank the voters of Thorn Township for electing me,” said Lyle, who looks forward […]

Mixed reviews for new polling place

UNION TOWNSHIP – Opinions vary widely on how well the consolidation of the Buckeye Lake Village, Hebron, and Union Township’s polling places at the Union Township Complex on Beaver Run Road worked Tuesday. Licking County Board of Elections Director Sue Penick previously said the consolidation was a cost saving move made possible, in part, through improved voting technology. County-wide the […]

Letters to the Editor

Your letters are welcomed and encouraged. We prefer typewritten letters of 250 words or less. All letters must be signed and include your name, address, and a daytime phone number where we can reach you for confirmation purposes. All letters published will include the writer’s name and community. Addresses and phone numbers will not be published. We reserve the right […]

Government grew at the expense of street repair

Editor: From 2004 thru 2011 the Village Of Baltimore received a total of $ 3,819,300 from our Income Tax and $ 4,052,303 from charges for services, fines, licenses, permits, intergovernmental, property taxes, earnings on investments and miscellaneous., yet they still managed to increase our debt by about $ 3,000.000, and that did NOT include the $5,000,000 debt for the sewer […]

Leith thanks voters

Editor: I would like to express my sincere appreciation to the voters of Walnut Township for allowing me to serve as a Trustee. I am humbled to be able to serve. Thanks to those who expressed kind words of encouragement & allowed me to put signs on your property. As I said from the beginning, I want to represent ALL […]

Thogmartin thanks voters

Editor: I would like to thank the residents of Millersport for electing me to another term on the village council. I count it a privilege to serve in this position, and I will do my best to represent our residents well. Also, along with the Village administration, the village police, and the village council, I’d like to thank the residents […]

Writer sorry to see Patients First lose

Editor: So sorry to see that the people of Buckeye Lake do not care about patients first. You have done a good job of informing everyone of the situation, Mr. Prince, but it seems like all they care about is having a fire department. Kudos to Brenda for running such a close race. We need more fresh faces like her […]

Horn thanks voters

Editor: Thank you Walnut Township! I look forward to serving with Doug Leith and Bill Yates to make Walnut Township the best place possible for our families to live and work. Terry W. HornWalnut Township Trustee