The Gift that Keeps Giving

Local church group supports international charity

Members of the First Community Church’s Joy Bible Class assembled Christmas gift boxes for the Samaritan’s Purse Operation Christmas Child program this week. The gift boxes, which contain toys and hygiene products, are bound for poverty, disaster, and war stricken regions around the world to provide Christmas gifts for children who are very unlikely to receive presents otherwise. First Community […]

Hebron proposes changes to fire contract

UNION TOWNSHIP – Hebron Mayor Clifford Mason believes the Village Council members could likely live with Union Township’s offer of a $420,000 fire contract for 2014 – same as the 2013 contract – but will Union Township Trustees accept Hebron’s changes to the trustees’ proposal? Monday night, trustees opted to wait to discuss the proposed revisions Mason presented to them. […]

Candidates in their own words

LAKE AREA – The Beacon has surveyed lake-area candidates in most contested elections to help our readers make their decisions. Candidates were asked to respond to two questions: 1. In 150 words or less, please explain what you believe are the two most important issues facing the position they are seeking. 2. In 50 words or less, please explain why […]

It’s not negativity, it’s incompetence

Buckeye Lake Village’s ruling clique has been doing quite a bit of whin- ing about negativity. The culprits, of course, are The Beacon and a handful of fearless letter writers. “The negatively has got to stop,” they whine. And then they step up their efforts to kill the messengers. Criticism is negativity in their little world. Here’s the short answer: […]

This is it for election letters

We do NOT publish election letters in our final issue before an election. However, candidates criticized in a letter in this issue may respond specifically to that criticism next week. Response letters – limited to a maximum of 250 words – will be accepted from the following candidates: • Walnut Township Trustee candidate Terry Horn responding to charges in Dean […]

Horn makes his case for reelection

Editor: Dear Residents of Walnut Township: Thank you for believing in me four years ago and giving me the opportunity to serve you. With enthusiasm and a cooperative spirit, my goal is to make Walnut Township the best place to live now and For the Next Generation… Through my initiative and leadership: • The Millersport Fire Department is still serving […]

Mayor asks voters to renew levy

Editor: Please consider a YES vote for Issue 19 which is a renewal of the Village of Millersport General Fund levy. This is just a renewal and not a new tax and costs the owner of a $100,000 home around $83 per year. Your village officials take our jobs as stewards of your money very seriously and will continue to […]

Harassed EMT urges voters to reject fire levy

Editor: I have been regularly accused by some fire department members as the one going to The Beacon about the Buckeye Lake Fire Dept. I believe residents should know what really goes on in the fire department and it is now my intention to let them know! I started day one with this department, and have been a FF/EMT for […]

Factor responds to critics

Editor: I am writing in response to Terri and Kevin Moore’s letter in the October 19th Beacon. My only interaction with the Moores was several years ago while serving as township zoning inspector. The Moores wanted to do a project at their home and I was forced to deny their permit since it didn’t meet the township’s zoning rules.These rules […]

Mayor endorses Horn, Popo

Editor: I am honored and privileged to endorse Terry W. Horn for Walnut Township Trustee. Terry has proven time and again that we can cut through the red tape of politics as usual to accomplish many things that benefit the residents of Walnut Township. Under his watch the fire service continues to be one of the best in the area. […]