Short Lived!

Autumn colors may not last long this year

It may be better this year to head outside and enjoy the autumn colors sooner rather than later this year. “I can never predict what Mother Nature is going to do with much certainty,” said Mike Ecker, Dawes Arboretum director of horticulture. “I don’t think this fall will be as colorful as others though. I’ve seen a lot of trees […]

Police chief on extended medical leave

BUCKEYE LAKE – Sgt. Andy Davis will be acting police chief while Chief James Hanzey is on an extended medical leave. “The village will be using auxiliary police officers and getting help from surrounding police departments and the Licking County Sheriff’s Department,” said Buckeye Lake Village Council President Charlene Hayden, who added that shifts will be covered until Hanzey returns […]

Still waiting for ‘Patients First’ care

Editor’s Note: This report is based on a May 3, 2013, EMS run. It is being published now because the family has had a chance to grieve and wants to share their experience with voters before the Nov. 5 election. This report is based on the Licking County 9-1-1 Center’s records including a tape of radio traffic, the Buckeye Lake […]

Just one more week for Election Letters!

Letters from lake-area residents about candidates and issues on the Nov. 5 ballot will be accepted until 9 a.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 23. We are strictly enforcing our normally suggested 250-word limit for election letters. Election letters longer than 250 words WILL BE CUT! Letters must be ORIGINAL. Those addressed or copied to other publications or appearing there will NOT […]

Pants on fire

Editor: Buckeye Lake Mayoral candidate Clay Carroll – your pants are on fire! Readers can confirm the facts for themselves before voting on November 5. At the 9/23 council meeting, Safety Chair Carroll addressed the decision to turn down Hebron’s $110,700 proposal for EMS service. Carroll said, “…proposals were received by the village to receive additional personnel to supplement the […]

Blame preferred over progress

Editor: There are unfortunate parallels between politics in Washington, DC and Buckeye Lake. Specifically, egos and politics are becoming more important that citizens. In Washington politicians operate on “If we don’t get what we want let’s at least make the other side look bad”. They prefer blame over progress. The result was the Government Shutdown and all citizens suffered. These […]

Voters asked to renew road levy

Editor: We are writing to express our unanimous support for the renewal of Fairfield County’s Road, Bridge and Culvert renewal levy. Fairfield County remains one of the fastest growing counties in Ohio, and expanding and maintaining a strong transportation infrastructure is vital not only to residents and businesses already located here, but essential to attracting and expanding business growth and […]

Wilson supported for trustee

Editor: It’s time to select trustees for Thorn Township. We’re not supporting Dale Factor. He is not a good choice for trustee. We’ve lived in the township for 20+ years and have yet to meet a more rude and disrespectful person than Dale Factor. We’ve had a few run-ins with Dale and everyone was bad. He talked down to us […]

Barber, Leith supported for trustee

Editor: As a small business owner for nearly 10 years in the Village of Thurston, Walnut Township, I support Jimmy Barber and Doug Leith for Walnut Township trustee. Doug Leith has been a small business owner for 33 years. Jimmy Barber has 20 years in small business. That speaks volumes about their business practices, character and integrity. I believe they […]

Convicted poacher promoted

Editor: It has not been my intention to start writing letters about Buckeye Lake. In fact, I believe I stated that I would not write about BL unless I have to! Well…….I have to! I feel residents have the right to know what really goes on in this village and it is now my intention to let them know! I’ll […]