LANCASTER – Flying dirt and loud snorts filled the air Tuesday morning at the Fairfield County Fair’s annual horse pull. Blue skies and changing leaves graced the 163rd Fairfield County Fair, whose horse pull competition attracts equine enthusiasts from all over the nation. “Horse Pulling” competition has been around a long time, according to iowadrafthorse.com. Nobody knows where or when […]

Trustees cut Hebron EMS/Fire contract again

UNION TOWNSHIP – Nothing’s really changed economically for Union Township since last year, so there’s really no way the township can offer Hebron more money for a 2014 fire contract than it could for this year’s contract, said Union Township Trustee president Rick Black Monday night. “We have no additional money for the next year,” he said. Black said if […]

Local voting places consolidated at Union Township

BUCKEYE LAKE – Buckeye Lake Village, Union Township, and Hebron voters will all vote at the Union Township Complex on Beaver Run Road Nov. 5. The old polling places serving those voters – Our Lady of Mount Carmel social hall in Buckeye Lake, Hebron American Legion Hall, and Infirmary Mound Park- -will not be open. “This was a cost saving […]

Just two more weeks for Election Letters!

Letters from lake-area residents about candidates and issues on the Nov. 5 ballot will be accepted until 9 a.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 23. We are strictly enforcing our normally suggested 250-word limit for election letters. Election letters longer than 250 words WILL BE CUT! Letters must be ORIGINAL. Those addressed or copied to other publications or appearing there will NOT […]

Community Watch seeking donations

Editor, This past year, Millersport Police Chief Consolo organized a village Community Watch (CW) program. Local volunteers, after a training regimen, patrol the streets on an alternating schedule with the goal of contributing to the peace and security of our town. I have served in the Community Watch program since its inception, and the gratitude expressed by most residents has […]

9-1-1 patient wants contract with Hebron

Editor: We don’t support Buckeye Lake’s fire levy. Here’s my recent 911 experience. I take kidney dialysis treatments at home. Peritoneal dialysis filters blood inside the body after the abdomen is filled with a special cleaning solution. On September 11, I fell at home and broke my ankle. I was hooked up to my dialysis machine and had not completed […]

Parade endangered children, walkers

Editor: Last Saturday was my first Fire Prevention Parade in Buckeye Lake. I was astounded at the danger to the children who ran after the candy, to the spectators and parade walkers. There were no police or barricades to stop traffic on Walnut Road from plowing into the parade. Some of Brenda Hileman’s supporters did try to block traffic. Isn’t […]

More support for Horn

Editor: I want to support Terry W. Horn for Walnut Township Trustee. Serving on the Walnut Township Zoning Commission, I can attest to the focus and knowledge that Terry Horn brings to Walnut Township. Terry Horn led the initiative to improve Walnut Township, by applying and getting grant funds for the demolition of five dilapidated properties. Terry stays in tune […]

Phelps thanked, supported for reelection

Editor: Let’s keep Marcia Phelps as our Licking County Municipal Court Clerk! Marcia and I don’t share the same political party. However, she has always worked hard for taxpayers. No one can deny that! Support for Marcia is spread across party lines. It’s not the candidate’s family name that matters. What’s most important is how they treat us and what […]

More concerns about parade

Editor: My name is Brenda Eddy and I live in Etna. My sister-in-law, Brenda Hileman, asked me to be a walker in the Fire Prevention Parade last Saturday. Brenda is running for mayor. The parade started with a police cruiser leading the parade followed by the fire trucks. Once the fire trucks got on Ohio 79 it became obvious that […]