Historical Society has 15th Birthday

BUCKEYE LAKE – More than 40,000 visitors have walked through the Buckeye Lake Museum’s doors since the Buckeye Lake Historical Society was created 15 years ago— 40,036 as of May 8, to be exact. “My mother’s been keeping track,” said museum director J-me Braig, whose mother, Donna, was the historical society’s first president and remains very active in the Buckeye […]

Thurston drops lawsuit to focus on new plant

THURSTON – Village of Thurston officials have dropped a lawsuit filed against the Village of Baltimore. The lawsuit claimed that Baltimore is interfering with Thurston’s ability to provide public water to customers along Ohio 256 east of Baltimore’s corporation limits. According to the minutes of Thurston Village Council’s May 8 meeting, Mayor Mary Boring explained wh y she believed dropping […]

Free summer lunch program starts June 3

BUCKEYE LAKE – The Salvation Army is working with a group of local volunteers organized by Marianne Perrine to provide free lunches to youth during the summer. The program starts Monday, June 3. Anyone from age 1 to 18 is eligible. Lunch will be served from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, at Ryan-Braden Park. Lunches will not […]

Sunny financial forecast for Lakewood

HEBRON – Lakewood Schools can focus on other things than levies for the next five years, Lakewood Treasurer Glenna Plaisted told board members during last Tuesday night’s school board meeting. The meeting was rescheduled from its usual second Wednesday of the month time. Plaisted presented the district’s latest five-year financial forecast to the board, which was full of good news. […]

Little said after fire district meeting

UNION TOWNSHIP – Union Township Trustee President Rick Black said as of Monday night, he’d heard nothing from any of the area officials that attended a May 6 informational meeting about a possible fire district. “I haven’t heard from anyone,” he said. Black said he may send emails to meeting participants seeking opinions about the district. Licking County Commissioner Doug […]

Letters to the Editor

Your letters are welcomed and encouraged. We prefer typewritten letters of 250 words or less. All letters must be signed and include your name, address, and a daytime phone number where we can reach you for confirmation purposes. All letters published will include the writer’s name and community. Addresses and phone numbers will not be published. We reserve the right […]

The solution is clear!

Our Patients 1st tracking number on the cover reached 280 days this week. That’s more than NINE months or 6,720 hours. That’s about 6,715 more hours than Buckeye Lake Village officials have spent talking PUBLICLY about our dysfunctional EMS system. Thanks to nearly instant world-wide communications, we’re treated daily to reports of terrible tragedies around the world. Years of that […]

One day a year is not enough

Editor: It is never over. Missions may end but the legacies left and the pain of their absence endure. We continue to lose American heroes every day in war and in military training accidents and missions around the world. The loss to their families, friends, fellow service members and country is permanent. Some were only teenagers. In the eyes of […]

‘We can’t stop it or slow it’

Editor: Over the last two plus years, I had had the privilege of having several letters published in The Beacon. For that privilege, I thank Charles Prince. I have addressed village spending and how it affects our citizens. At the end of 2011, Baltimore’s debt was $ 8,705,557 or nearly $ 3,000 for each man, woman and child in Baltimore. […]

‘What’s wrong with you, Mr. Leindecker?’

Editor: Does our Fire Chief Pete Leindecker really know what ‘person in charge,’ ‘boss,’ and ‘chief’ means? It means that he is the responsible person! It means he is the one to see that everything runs as it should. It means that he is the one to see that his department is covered EVERY shift, EVERY hour, EVERY day and […]