Bountiful Harvest?

Late planting doesn't hurt local farmer

THORNVILLE – Local farmer George Cenky said he’s having the best soybean yield he’s had for 35 years. He anticipated his corn crop yield would be pretty good, too. “Overall, we’re very fortunate for as late as things were put in,” he said. An unusually wet spring delayed planting for many farmers this year, and while Cenky is enjoying success, […]

Village administrator retiring at year end

HEBRON – Village Administrator Mike McFarland told village council members Oct. 12 that he will retire at the end of the year. McFarland started working for his hometown about 15 years ago after taking an early retirement offer from AT&T. He started his public career as income tax administrator, but was promoted to village administrator some 10 years ago. “I […]

CAUV values to jump

UNION TOWNSHIP – Union Township Trustee Rick Black said some local farmers may see their CAUV values double or even triple this year. “We’ve had a pretty reasonable ride for quite some time,” he said during Monday night’s trustees meeting. Licking County Chief Deputy Auditor Chad Fuller said the CAUV program discounts land values for agricultural property. The property’s soil […]

Just one more week for election letters

Letters from lake-area residents about candidates and issues on the Nov. 8 ballot are welcome. However, due to the expected volume of letters, we are strictly enforcing our normally suggested 250-word limit for election letters. Election letters longer than 250 words WILL BE CUT! Letters must be ORIGINAL. Those addressed or copied to other publications or appearing there will NOT […]

Writer says Baltimore police levy is a wise investment

Editor: Taxpayers in Baltimore scrutinize issues carefully, and determine for themselves whether ballot issues represent a wise investment of tax dollars. In case of the Baltimore Police Levy, the job performance of Chief Tussey and the Baltimore Police Department makes a strong case for “yes” votes. There is an excellent police presence in the village, and the department has established […]

Baltimore should live within its means

Editor: This is in response to Stephanie Harget’s letter regarding the Baltimore Police Levy. With all your facts presented it seems you have overlooked one important fact. There are many tax paying folks who are elderly or disabled who live solely on Social Security or fixed income like myself who are taxed to death. Even those who work have had […]

Yates supported for trustee

Editor: This is a letter written to support Bill Yates for Walnut Township Trustee. Bill will do an outstanding job for everybody living in Walnut Township. First, Bill has knowledge of working with a budget because he had to prepare one for the Walnut Township Schools and the Millersport Fire Department. Second, Bill always researches and investigates issues with care […]

Chorpenning endorsed for trustee

Editor: This is the first time I’ve written to The Beacon. I am not going to sit back and say nothing when our Good Old Boys supporters bash a prominent man in our community by saying he is “disrespectful.” Bowling Green Township Trustee Watkins has treated people so poorly for so long that some have accepted it as normal. This […]

Boring supported for trustee

Editor: I am writing to support the reelection of Dick Boring for Thorn Township Trustee. Dick is a life-long resident of Thorn Township. Dick has decades of experience working in road construction and farming. His training in operating and maintaining heavy equipment is an asset to Thorn Township. Please re-elect Dick Boring for Thorn Township Trustee. Rick McCanceThorn Township

Writer says payments to Watkins were illegal, noted in audit

Editor: I’m responding to a letter, apparently written for Trustee Watkins, which appeared in the Oct. 8 Beacon. The FACT is, the extra Medicare reimbursement checks Trustee Watkins was cashing where/are ILLEGAL. The FACT is I personally contacted the State Auditor’s Office. After some phone and email correspondence, the next township audit finally DID document a finding on that particular […]