‘Watchdog’ thrilled by removal of gas chamber at animal shelter

Editor: First and foremost, the gas chamber has been removed from the pound! For unknown reasons, John Silva (head dog warden) and others want this kept quiet! I’m not sure what their reasoning is but they should have been broadcasting to the world that the gas chamber is gone (UNLESS they plan use it again). Thinking positively, I AM THRILLED […]

Van Horn supported for commissioner

Editor: I would like to let Perry County residents know that I think B. Jane Van Horn would make an excellent Perry County Commissioner. I have known Jane for several years. She has a good understanding of the county’s needs. She would work hard to bring changes to the county that would help all residents. Jane has held leadership positions […]

Mother says bullying must stop

Editor: I am wondering when it became OK for kids to bully & harass other students in school? Especially ones with learning disabilities! Is it OK because the boys are on the football team and part of the “good ole boys club”? It’s never OK no matter the situation or the students. But don’t try to get the principal at […]

Writer pleased with fire contract agreement

Editor: I attended last week’s joint meeting abut the fire contract. I wanted to thank you all for listening to us and agreeing upon a good way to resolve the differences we are having with Millersport. As you could tell from the turnout last evening, this is a subject the township residents are passionate about. Our safety and well being […]

Voters urged to continue Lakewood’s excellence

Editor: Pretty “good” is OK for some folks. Ten years ago Lakewood Schools were in Academic Emergency, worse than “pretty good.” Lakewood students and staff set their goals higher than “good.” They wanted to be “excellent.” Through hard work they surpassed pretty good. They have been striving for “excellence” and have met that goal for the past three years. The […]

Writer says your vote will force reform

Editor: Rainy day fund? Ohio’s slice of the 50 billion dollars in Federal Aid is $361 million. President Obama gives up taxpayer money to save teachers’ jobs that have never been lost or in jeopardy. The teacher union plans to sit on the money for what they call a rainy-day. My theory is that it will rain lots during the […]

More support for Lakewood

Editor: Please join me in voting FOR Lakewood schools on Nov. 2. As a teacher and taxpayer of the Lakewood district, I am proud to support our EXCELLENT schools. Here are some points I’d like my constituents to consider. Lakewood’s need for additional funds does not stem from financial mismanagement, but because the State of Ohio no longer funds 4.4 […]

Thanks to Corner House Golf Outing supporters

Editor: Big Success! Louies Corner House 1st Annual Golf Outing and Benefit was held October 9, 2010, benefiting St. Jude’s Childrens Hospital and Hebron resident Bill Hiemrel. Thank you to the golfers and everyone who helped. Special thanks to Buckeye Lake Eagles, Brandit Crew, Stapleton Music, Buckeye Lake VFW Post 1388, Wild Flower Properties, Louies Corner House bartenders and customers, […]

Horsing Around

Fairfield County Fairgoers love horse pulling

LANCASTER –  Hor seman John Barnes of Miamisburg, Ohio was obviously far more interested in readying his draft horses for the Fairfield County Fair’s horse pulling competition than answering questions about it, but he was a good sport. “It costs a bundle,” he said. Raising mammoth draft horses for the sole purpose of pulling as much weight as possible isn’t […]

Millersport village limits move north

MILLERSPORT – If you are heading into Millersport from the north on Millersport Road you’ll need to slow down earlier. It took nearly a year, but Fairfield County has now turned over about two tenths of a mile of Millersport Road to the village. That’s means the village limits will be moved north from Lynn Avenue by the car wash […]