You can make a difference!

In this day of 24/7 news on cable and Internet with almost hourly crises or outages, it is tempting to just say “whatever” and shut it all out. We do have to live our lives and care for our families. It’s true that we often have very little or no influence on many of these “crises.” But that’s not true […]


Our story last week on Walnut Township Trustee Sonny Dupler’s effort to cancel the township’s contract with the Millersport Fire Department mistakenly said Fiscal Officer Lynn Kraner helped Dupler write the draft letter. Kraner, in fact, knew nothing about Dupler’s letter until a few minutes before the meeting began. She did not assist him with the letter in any manner. […]

Two weeks left for election letters

Letters from lake-area residents about candidates and issues on the Nov. 2 ballot are welcome. However, due to the expected volume of letters, we are strictly enforcing our normally suggested 250-word limit for election letters. Election letters longer than 250 words WILL BE CUT! Letters must be ORIGINAL. Those addressed or copied to other publications or appearing there will NOT […]

Rules must apply to everyone

Editor: I wasn’t planning to write again about Karen Cookston and her new illegal parking lot until the Planning Commission, Village Council and the mayor had a chance to address it. I changed my mind after I heard about her pathetic stunt during the annual Cranberry Bay block party last Saturday. I obviously struck a nerve when I called for […]

Lions aid storm victims

Editor: On Thursday, September 16, several tornadoes touched down in Southeastern Ohio. The hardest hit areas included Reedsville (near Coolville), The Plains (near Athens), and areas near Nelsonville, Roseville and Crooksville. Area Lions Club members, including Larry and Charlene Roberts of the Thornville Lions Club immediately moved into action contacting the Ohio Lions Foundation trustees and within minutes had $5,000 […]

Hebron festival supporters thanked

Editor: I want to thank all the great folks who came out to Hebron and supported the Hebron Music and Arts Festival. We had a great day of fun and music thanks to all our sponsors and financial backers. We are only able to make the festival happen because generous people financially support the cause. To all the volunteers that […]

Guest column: It’s the morning after

Dear friends and ieighbors, this is the morning after….and we can all breathe a sigh of relief! Over the course of the past several days many of us have been unwitting participants in a drama that if we had a choice we would ask not to be a part of! On one hand I am saddened by what took place […]

Clay’s Cafe supports Lakewood levy

Editor: Lately some rumors have been spreading around the Lakewood Community that Clay’s Cafe does not support the Lakewood School Levy. I don’t know how these rumors started, but I want to set the record straight. Mark and I have always supported the Lakewood School system. I am a 1980 graduate of Lakewood. My parents both graduated from Hebron High […]

Writer praises Jon Luzio

Editor: I have known Jon Luzio since I returned from service in the USAF in 1967. I am a close friend, but I have also criticized the Animal Control Departments use of huge vans to pick up 30 pound dogs (about 5 vans). The issue of euthanasia of animals (even the use of the term “euthanasia”) has all been generated […]

Guest column: Tough times, tough choices

I am pastor of New Life Community UMC and Hebron UMC and director of the New Life Community Center in Hebron. As I write these words, please understand I am not speaking for my congregations. These are my opinions. My wife and I moved to Hebron in 2003 to start New Life Community Church. We bought a home in the […]