It’s down to the money now!

It’s all over, but the shouting. Chemcote – Buckeye Lake Village’s paving contractor – was wrapping up the botched job this week. We first raised concerns a month ago when we saw how Buckeye Lake streets were being repaved. Chemcote wasn’t applying a bond or tack coat to the existing surface nor cleaning the roadway in the front of the […]

Writer salutes John Long

Editor: This Thursday an era ends in Baltimore. The Hometown Classic Market in Baltimore is closing its doors. Owner John Long is moving on with his life in these very hard times for small businesses. It is very difficult for a small business to make it anymore. John made a run at it for 11 years because he wanted to […]

Donors supply Millersport flags

Editor: Please accept my deepest and sincere apologies for the tattered and torn flags in the Village of Millersport. They are now two years old and the wind, rain, snow, and sun have definitely beaten them. We were trying to leave the flags flying high through Sept. 11 to show our respect, but unfortunately the Village of Millersport received too […]

Writer urges prayers for pastor

Editor: This letter is directed to everyone in the Millersport area who knows Pastor Daniel Monk. He has been a kind and wonderful person who loved doing the Lord’s work. He was there when we needed help, both spiritual and whatever we needed whether it was food, housing or illness. He needs our help now to stand behind him, give […]

Wells says zoning chair’s parking lot is illegal

Editor: Once again, Buckeye Lake Planning and Zoning Commission Chairman Karen Cookston has demonstrated she has few scruples and little integrity. Now she has created an ugly, illegal parking lot on Anchors Way, the entrance to Cranberry Bay. Her new parking lot measures approximately 160 feet x 25 feet and runs along the street covering parts of four separate vacant […]

Private street resident says don’t pay tag tax

Editor: Anyone living in the Carlin Addition or on any other private street in Buckeye Lake Village that is not being paved doesn’t have to pay the village’s $20 per license tag street tax. Just tell the deputy registrar at the Bureau of Motor Vehicles that you live in Union Township on a private street. Tom Dillinger Buckeye Lake

Thanks for AMVETS Charity Ride

Editor: I want to thank everyone that took part in the AMVETS charity ride for Children’s Hospital Burn Unit. We had a great turnout and raised over $8,000. A big thank you for all of the donations from the local businesses, and to everyone who contributed. Thanks to the local taverns that participated.. These events are not possible without everyone’s […]

Turning Tragedy into Hope

Thousands raised for pediatric care training and equipment

THURSTON – Hunter James Barber’s life was far too short. But his memory lives on for the hundreds who turned out last Saturday for the 6th Annual Hunter Barber Hog Roast and Fundraiser. For four years now, his parents, Angie and Jimmy Barber, have turned their large Thurston yard into a festival including a 200 foot long pad for tractor […]

Union Township Trustees purchase church

HEBRON – Citing a need to centralize offices and operations, Union Township Trustees purchased the former Licking Baptist Church and its 7.1-acre lot at 1380 Beaver Run Rd. for $310,000 during a Licking County Sheriff’s auction Sept. 3. The property’s appraised value was $320,000 and the township was the sole bidder against the Baptist Foundation, that held the mortgage. The […]

Goodwill store opens

BUCKEYE LAKE – The line for Wednesday morning’s grand opening of the Buckeye Lake Goodwill store seemed to stretch forever. “The line was clear across the building and the parking lot,” said Charles Strauch, Licking/Knox Counties Goodwill Industries executive director. Nearly 200 customers packed the store, which is a very remodeled version of the former Albanese IGA grocery store on […]