Letters to the Editor

Your letters are welcomed and encouraged. We prefer typewritten letters of 250 words or less. All letters must be signed and include your name, address, and a daytime phone number where we can reach you for confirmation purposes. All letters published will include the writer’s name and community. Addresses and phone numbers will not be published. We reserve the right […]

BLASST still needs your help

Editor: Please remember the BLASST show is set for 10 p.m. on Friday, July 2. This is my last BLASST Letter to the Editor which some of you won’t read until after the holiday. Well, not exactly my last…I will, as historically done, thank all of you who donated. Yep, the fireworks are set for July 2nd at 10 p.m. […]

And now a word or two from Tory

Editor: I want to thank Gary Matheny for getting the Buckeye Lake Regional Park Manager Tim Waln some big Kroger trash boxes and liners to help keep our parks as trash free as possible on Friday night. This is the second year Gary has done this for us. It is a huge help for Tim and his crew because whatever […]

Writer thanks Gerlings for doing the right thing

Editor: My heartfelt support goes out to Jeff Gerling and Christine Heimrich and their families. Sometimes, it seems at Buckeye Lake, following the rules and laws of the land can be unpopular. Thank God they have the fortitude and conviction to do the right thing. I have been involved with the saga of the Mute swans since the beginning. My […]

Thanks for boats and cars on the canal in Millersport

Editor: The Antique and Classic Boat Society extends a hearty thank you to everyone involved in the planning and execution of the June 19 boat and car show along the Millersport Canal. This event was made possible through countless hours of work by volunteers who planned and met for almost a year. Special thanks to Shawn Carter and the Millersport […]

Still working on mute swan protection

Editor: I just briefly want to respond to Michael Entler’s letter last week, joking about eating swans. You must be as cold hearted as the Gerling family. If you like them so much, why don’t you help them pack up and move away from the lake and all its wildlife, native or nonnative. Doesn’t it seem strange out of the […]

Neighbor believes it is more than a fear of swans

Editor: At first I thought Jeff Gerling and Christine Hemeirich’s just made a bad decision in seeking to have Sam, Samantha and Samantha’s eggs destroyed. Now I believe there are larger issues. Lake area residents want to know what is their problem. Is it because they can’t continue to put concrete blocks in our street’s culdesac by their house or […]

Writer sums up Lakewood levy debate

Editor: So after participating in the very professional levy discussion the last few weeks, this is what I believe the voters have learned. Most people in our community are so poor that they can not afford proper school supplies for their children. Teachers at Lakewood have to pay for their own education out of their pockets. This debate is about […]

Writer says mute swans will destroy the lake

Editor: Isn’t it time to stop thrashing good people for events that happened two months ago? Have any of you swan lovers done any research what so ever? These “beautiful, majestic” creatures will destroy this lake like they have so many others. There is documentation from lakes in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota that these birds are ecologically a disaster. Delaware, […]

Boat Society, car show supporters thanked

Editor: Millersport Lions Club would like to thank the Buckeye Chapter of the Antique and Classic Boat Society for inviting our “Cruisein on the Commons” to be part of their antique boat show. Thanks to all who participated in the car show and the volunteers who helped make our car show a great success. Thanks to all the area businesses […]