It’s down to the wire for BLASST

Editor: WooHoo, just one letter to go! But this letter is full of information so read on! The fireworks are set for 10 p.m. on FRIDAY, JULY 2. Please spread the word. WKNO Kool Classics 101.7 will once again provide the simulcast during the show. If you have not tuned in before, you should! I believe you will be greatly […]

Family thanks community

Editor: We are writing to tell everyone how blessed we are to live here. We apologize for the delay in getting this letter written, but please be assured we have not forgotten or taken for granted anything that has been done for our family. Our family recently lost our 19-yearold daughter, Gabrielle, in a car accident. From the moment the […]

Both Johns need flushed

Editor: On June 10th, just several hours after Licking County Dog Warden Jon Luzio announced his retirement, it was realized that at least three dogs were destroyed at the pound by Luzio’s command. At least one of those dogs had been marked for a rescue to pick up. Of course, when the rescue came, they were informed that the dog […]

Leave if you can’t enjoy nature

Editor: Why all of a sudden are the swans an enemy on Buckeye Lake? They have coexisted with the residents until this recent issue. The Heimrich/Gerling family acted too harshly, along with the ODNR (Gary Ludwig) to rid the yard of the swan family and eggs. They could have made some adjustments to accommodate what could have been a wonderful […]

Writer wants law changed to protect swans

Editor: Just when Buckeye Lake residents were starting to breath a little easier about the swans, we read about an attempt by the Heimrich/Gerdling families to get rid of all the swans. What’s wrong with you two? You are cold hearted and just mean to the core to want all the swans destroyed. It seems pretty strange that out of […]

I hear they’re great roasted with potatoes and carrots’

Editor: I sympathize with all the wonderful people who love the graceful, beautiful swans. Sure they are aggressive, hissing and pecking at any swan lover or swan hater, even those indifferent to swans, who come near their nest, but they can take it. All these people should contact the ODNR. Then the department could exert their efforts and resources to […]

It’s time for the Gerling Family to pick a Realtor

Editor Hum, let’s see here. If it comes to a choice between the swans and the very nature of Buckeye Lake OR the Gerling family, I would have to suggest to Jeffery and Christine that YOU PICK A REALTOR. You don’t belong here by your own words. At this point, I could probably raise a tidy sum of money for […]

We need our military at home

Editor: I wholeheartedly agree with Vince Popo’s points in his June 5 letter to the editor with the headline ‘Our veterans have faced much worse problems than we do now.’ Today, I think the biggest challenges our military faces are domestic. We need to bring our troops home from being thinly spread around the world. There are many reasons. The […]

WHO CARES? Lots of People!

United Way sponsors Day of Caring

BUCKEYE LAKE– Jessica Jacobs didn’t forget her sunscreen. The Ohio State University nursing student was one of more than 550 volunteers braving the blazing sun to participate in Friday’s Licking County United Way Day of Caring. Projects took place in Buckeye Lake, Newark, Pataskala, Heath, Granville, and Utica. Jacobs works for Best Buy—one of the program’s sponsors—while she attends school. […]

Millersport sets fees for skill games

MILLERSPORT – After several years of off and on discussion, Millersport has enacted licensing requirements for games of skill. Council members unanimously waived the three reading rule and adopted an ordinance setting licensing fees. There are two annual fees. The first is the annual license fee which is based on the number of machines in operation. That fee ranges from […]