Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor Your letters are welcomed and encouraged. We prefer typewritten letters of 250 words or less. All letters must be signed and include your name, address, and a daytime phone number where we can reach you for confirmation purposes. All letters published will include the writer’s name and community. Addresses and phone numbers will not be published. […]

BLASST show set for July 2; it’s time to send in donations

Editor: Well, it’s just 37 days until our July 2 fireworks show. Where does the time go? I got back in town Monday night with four dogs, two cars, a loaded boat and trailer and I went right over to the Liebs Island boat ramp to put the boat in. I dearly love the smell of Buckeye Lake even in […]

Lakewood levy supporter responds to critic

Editor: This letter is in response to Dave Kenmir’s May 15 letter regarding the Lakewood levy failure. The information that was in Mr. Kenmir’s letter is very disheartening. It is obvious that Mr. Kenmir has his own ideas about the school and funding that are based on something other than fact. Having an opinion is a basic human right. However, […]

‘Care for our childen and say YES on the next try’

Editor: I, too, am very saddened about the failure of the Lakewood Levy. I keep thinking about an incident that happened in my childhood: When my twin brother and I were two years old our father died. The next month mother gave birth to her eighth child. I don’t know how mother raised all eight of us without Social Security […]

Levy critic responds to invitation for a civil debate

Editor: In response to Cheri Carlton’s letter, I agree it is good to have a civil debate. For the record, I do support our schools and the education of our children. The point I am trying to convey is “conserve.” You indicated that 77% levy’s go to pay teachers wages and that new teachers start out around $31,000 per year. […]

With 0-8 levy record, what’s Licking Park District’s future

Editor: The Licking Park District levy fails again! Now what? I am as big a supporter of the Licking County Park District as you’ll ever find. But when a park system loses eight straight levies, it’s time for a change. Our wonderful park system needs fresh faces and a fresh look if it’s going to survive. Our neighboring counties support […]

Thanks from VFW 1388 Ladies Auxiliary

Editor: The Ladies Auxiliary of VFW 1388 would like to thank all those who helped make our “Welcome Summer” party and Chinese Auction such a success. A special thanks go to Larry and Chris of Custom Drapery, Marnita Swickard and Alice Wing of Buckeye Lake Place, Dawn at Banbury Cross, Mary at Foxy’s Jewelry, Tumbleweed of Heath, Judy at the […]

Writer believes ODNR is responsible for Samantha’s death

Editor: The story of Sam and Samantha has touched us all. Parents will always defend their young, as I have my son many times. Don’t cross that line. But in defense of the Gerling/ Heimrich Family, I know them to be kind, hardworking people, maintaining the family home they grew up in and that has been in the family for […]

Writer says something else could have been done

Editor: I was saddened to hear about the mute swans. Of course, the swans would be very aggressive; they were protecting their nest and ODNR should be ashamed of themselves as well. What an awful thing that has been done. Please people, something else could have been done. Cathy Messer Etna

‘Watchdog’ still keeping one eye on Kirkersville

Editor: Over the past few weeks, I’ve heard several people question the whereabouts of the Kirkersville Police chief and cruiser as they’re being spotted in places other than Kirkersville. I had also witnessed the cruiser a few times myself outside of Kirkersville. On one occasion, someone saw Chief Bossa, in uniform, getting a hair cut on village time. But unless […]