Letters to the Editor

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Lakewood levy supporter ‘hanging my head in shame and disbelief’

Editor: Bravo Lakewood voters! Bravo! Seriously??? Lakewood’s levy was defeated??? I cannot believe there are people who don’t vote for our children’s future. If you didn’t vote for the levy, DON’T complain if the kids from this district have a harder time getting into college because they are unable to compete with kids from other districts who are able to […]

Reader shocked by swan killing

Editor: It has taken time, since first reading “ODNR Sentences Swans to Death,” to be able to come to grips with the reality of this atrocity! I am shocked, sickened, grappling with denial and, yes, grieving this wanton slaughter. It is incomprehensible to me to try to accept the deaths of Samantha and her two unborn cygnets. What kind of […]

Thanks to Millersport Fire Department

Editor: I would like to extend my deep appreciation and gratitude to the Millersport Fire Department and Chief Bill Yates. They are an awesome group of people and our community is blessed to have them. Here’s why. Last Friday, my family and I suffered the tragedy of losing our home to fire. It was terrible to rush home to see […]


A statement in a Walnut Township story last week that implied Sally Hempleman resigned as township fiscal officer because she was overwhelmed was incorrect. Hempleman told The Beacon this week she resigned due to conflicts between the trustees. “I care deeply about Walnut Township,” she said. “I was thrilled to be chosen as fiscal officer.At no time was I overwhelmed. […]

Voters thanked for supporting library levy

Editor: On behalf of the Friends of Buckeye Lake Library, I want to thank voters for approving the one mill Licking County Library levy last week. Thanks to your “YES” votes, our libraries, including the branches in Buckeye Lake and Hebron, will be able to replace some of the funds they have lost due to state budget cuts in the […]

Some residents can’t afford Lakewood levy

Editor: This is in response to Cheri Carlton’s letter last week. In the event that people like Cheri don’t keep current on the news, there is a recession going on. Many of us don’t have work. If we do work, we have suffered cuts in pay and benefits. Where do you think these people will get the money to pay […]

Sam needs a home

Editor: We need a home for Sam. I am still very upset at what happened to the swans. How can they really justify what they did? What happen to cruelty to animals? That involves birds, dogs, cats, etc. There is no reason, what so ever, for there actions. So now I am coming to ask our residents of Buckeye Lake, […]

Never heard of attack swans

Editor: I worked with the ODNR for 30 years and never heard of swans attacking people; they only respond if pestered. They mate for life, and fertilizer is cow manure (so is swans’). I think it’s asinine that someone took the life of an innocent swan and her eggs. I know swans are extremely common in Michigan and they won’t […]

‘Nature is found around lakes’

I have a few comments about the death of a swan. God put nature on this earth for us to enjoy. Nature is found around lakes. If you do not like nature around you….stay in the city. Trudy Craig Millersport