Corrected version of Myer’s endorsement

Editor: I would like to wholeheartedly endorse the candidacy of Linda Myer for Township Trustee. For years the township has been governed by zoning resolutions and regulations that are ill-fitting, unevenly enforced and too costly to administer. Our zoning resolution may be well-suited to a suburban community with new subdivisions and wide lots such as Pataskala, but 19 foot setbacks […]

Writer supports Badgeley, Montell for Liberty Township Trustee

Editor: We have six Liberty Township Trustee candidates running for office. I am trying to make sense of it all since trustees receive such a small salary – based on years of service acquired, enrollment in Public Employees Retirement System (PERS) and an opportunity to provide procedures for residents. We have one candidate who lives at the corner of Ohio […]

More Letters: Barber Fundraiser is success

Editor: The 4th Annual Hunter Barber Fundraiser held on September 12th was yet again a huge success. Anyone who attended the fundraiser could tell you there was plenty food, fellowship, and fun. The event started off by sending hundreds of balloons off to Hunter for his sixth birthday. The Southeastern Ohio Garden Tractor Pulling Club held a pulling event that […]

Check facts first

Editor: Thorn Township Zoning member (ZBA) Bob Coleman’s recent letter illustrates two things: 1. It highlights my oft-expressed view that Thorn Township should have attorneys review their legal documents – in this case, their zoning ordinances; 2. Bob Coleman should do his homework before displaying his ignorance. He is correct that our “reviewed” (this year) zoning book has the language […]

One more Letter: ‘Watchdog’s’ public records check raises more questions

Editor: This is a continuation of my last letter about some concerns I believe Kirkersville officials should have reviewed before making Mark Bossa permanent chief of police. Here are some more of those concerns regarding Bossa: • At a previous department, he was suspended for “distributing printed material to the public on village time not authorized by the mayor or […]

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