Soil and Water bails on flood control plan

HEBRON – Ohio Insurance Services Agent Terry Burns convinced the Union Township Trustees to change the township employee medical benefits to a plan carrying a $1,000 deductible. She told the trustees during Monday night’s meeting that if they didn’t change, the township’s existing plan is subject to a 22 percent increase. “We’ve been pitching this to every township we go […]

Things to do…

Events Dawes Arboretum – Ohio 13, three miles north of I-70. Plant Oktoberfest- Saturday, Oct. 3, 8:50 a.m. – 3:00 p.m, $28/$20 no lunch, The theme for this year’s Plant Oktoberfest is Resuscitate Your Landscape. Speakers will include staff members of The Dawes Arboretum along with Joe Steiger, a Certified Professional Soil Scientist, Lee Dunlap, C-Tec P.L.A.N.T. instructor, and Jim […]

Lighten up: The Guys at Work know everything

Jesus had his disciples, the president has his advisers and my husband has The Guys at Work. For him, there are no wiser men, no sager-sages than these workplace whizzes. Aristotle? Ha! Socrates? Scoff. Michelangelo? Come on! We don’t need them. Not when we have the astute counsel of Joe, Gary, Bob and Other Bob. Need to know where to […]

Backwoods Fest features lots of music

THORNVILLE – The smell of boiling beans and the “thump, thump, thump” of a Bluegrass bass line greet visitors to the annual Backwoods Fest even before they enter the main gate. This year, the thump may have come from Wayne Blizzard’s bass. He plays with the Buckeye Bluegrass Band, one of more than a dozen bands and solo acts providing […]

Election Letters

Letters from lake-area residents about candidates and issues on the Nov. 3 ballot are welcome. However, due to the expected volume of letters, we are strictly enforcing our normally suggested 250-word limit for election letters. Election letters longer than 250 words WILL BE CUT! Letters must be ORIGINAL. Those addressed or copied to other publications or appearing there will NOT […]

Walnut Township residents deserve better leadership

Tuesday night’s Walnut Township Trustees’ meeting was pathetic. Trustees Sonny Dupler and Ralph Zollinger and Fiscal Officer Pauline Ety didn’t say a word when Millersport Mayor Dean Severance asked about the proposed EMS/Fire contract. Acting Trustee President Wally Gabriel said, “We have not seen it.” He could have been speaking for all four elected officials or just using the royal […]

Zoning limit on political signs is unconstitutional

Editor: Sometimes you just have to stand up for what is right. That is what I did when I had several signs placed in my neighborhood Labor Day weekend to kick off my campaign for trustee. When I spoke with the Chair of the Zoning Board, I explained that the time limitation on signs is not legal. He said that […]

Horn lists his goals if elected township trustee

Editor: I am excited about the possibility of serving you as trustee. Many people tell me they are ready for a change. I will be a trustworthy caretaker of the people and resources of Walnut Township. I believe in truth and transparency in office and know that integrity and uprightness will protect me. I will serve with energy and passion […]

Trustees respond to letter

Editor: In answer to Mr. Smith’s questions regarding actions of the Walnut Township Trustees in the Sept. 19th edition of the Buckeye Lake Beacon. Yes, there is a lawsuit. All comments and input by the residents present at all the public hearings held were taken into consideration by the boards holding the public hearings. No comments were ignored and to […]