Sax Appeal

Jazzy band among many at Lancaster Festival

LANCASTER – Great music, food, and weather lured nearly 500 people to the Lancaster bandstand Monday afternoon, where Sax Appeal, a regional quartet, wowed its audience with jazzy hits from the 1920s through the 1970s. The 25th annual Lancaster Festival runs all week and features all types of music from Sax Appeal’s reeds to Lancaster Symphony Orchestra’s strings. According to […]

New law extends roadside protection to wreckers

MILLERSPORT – Tom Gary, owner of Millersport’s Southwest Towing & Recovery, clearly remembers changing a stranded motorist’s tire in heavy rain along I-670. He was nearly finished when he heard squealing rubber and crunching metal. Gary looked over his shoulder to see a large Chevy Suburban SUV tumbling end over end straight toward him. Luckily for him and the stranded […]

Fairfield Beach resident questions fire service disparity

MILLERSPORT – Questions from a Fairfield Beach resident enlivened an otherwise dull Walnut Township Trustees’ meeting Tuesday night. Floyd Duncan, who has lived in Fairfield Beach for about 18 months, had some questions for trustees on emergency medical and fire protection services. “There seems to be some conflict on who gets what and when,” Duncan said. “The buck stops here,” […]

Streets won’t be repaved until water project is done

BUCKEYE LAKE – Buckeye Lake Village won’t repave its streets until public waterlines, which are currently being installed around the village, are pressure tested at the end of the project. So, it’s up to the contractor to ensure that the village streets are passable as work progresses. “There is no intention to pave until after the contractor has tested the […]

Things to do…

Events Dawes Arboretum – Ohio 13, three miles north of I-70. History Detective Scavenger Hunt- Saturday, August 1, 9:30 a.m. – 11:00 a.m., $8/$5 members, Zand Education Center. For more than 80 years, famous people—including aviators, explorers and sports stars—have dedicated trees at The Arboretum. Armed with clues and a map, discover some of the notable people who dedicated trees […]

A Simple Pledge

A reader brought this pledge to our attention. “Let Freedom Ring,” a non-profit, grassroots organization supporting Constitutional government, economic freedom and traditional values, is asking all 535 members of the U.S. House of Representatives and U. S. Senate to sign the simple pledge below. Multiple copies of the pledge have been sent to all Members by fax, email, regular mail […]

Teenagers’ first car should be the ‘most awesome thing ever’

Editor: I would like to respond to the “Lighten Up: Buying a Junker…” column written by Dawn Weber on last week’s back page. To start off with, teens of the 70sand 80s are not the teens of today! As you say, it was all good as long as the radio worked…well not the heated seats, navigation and sunroof better be […]

Some more BLASST thanks

Editor: Just when I thought I was 100 % sure I had every name accounted for…I didn’t! Somehow I left out my neighbors down Westbank – Paul and Betty McMurray, Fern Pickett and even the Buckeye Lake Area Civic Association. Sorry, Merv! Please accept my sincere apologies. It happened somewhere between my copier and Marnita’s computer, back to my computer […]

Heath’s traffic cameras driving customers away

Editor: This is an open letter to Mayor Waugh of Heath. I am writing to inform you and the city that since you implemented your moneymaking scheme, my wife and I will no longer be doing any business in your city. We will no longer be eating or shopping at any establishments in Heath. We have eaten quite often at […]

Thanks for park help

Editor: On behalf of the Walnut Township Trustees, I’d like to thank the Clover Clan 4-H Club for volunteering their time to paint the bleachers at the New Salem Park. The park has a baseball field, play station, two shelter houses, a swing and slide, and two grills. Holly Bope, assistant advisor to the club, said that 22 kids participated […]