Middle Ground

BALTIMORE – Finally it is time to celebrate. More than 100 community members and state and local officials turned out Monday night to help break ground for Liberty Union Thurston’s new middle school. “It’s a testament of the cooperation of the community,” Board President Kevin Byers said. “I appreciate the community support.” Superintendent Paul Mathews said a new middle school […]

Buckeye Lake resident facing animal cruelty charge

BUCKEYE LAKE – A 14- year-old Buckeye Lake girl reported that her mother beat their six-pound Chihuahua, Zoey, to death. According to a Buckeye Lake police report, Patrolman Bruce Edwards had just finished a domestic standby as a Pataskala man picked up his 14-year-old daughter from his ex-wife’s Buckeye Lake residence July 7. The man told Edwards that his daughter […]

Recycle your computer

NEWARK – The Works museum in downtown Newark is accepting donations of old computers and other electronic equipment. The equipment will be used for educational purposes in the museum’s Invent Lab and then it will be recycled. In the Invent Lab, children use hand tools to take apart the donated computers, keyboards, small printers, VCRs, telephones, radios and other electronic […]

Street light levy on Nov. ballot

BUCKEYE LAKE – Voters will have another chance to keep Buckeye Lake Village lit at night as Buckeye Lake Village Council members voted to place a onemill levy on the November ballot solely for the purpose of operating, maintaining, and possibly adding streetlights. Monday night, council member Drew Bourne said a onehalf mill levy might cover the electricity needed to […]

Lakewood expects ‘effective’ rating

HEBRON – Lakewood School District Pupil Services Director Arnie Ettenhofer predicts the district will achieve 24 standards of 30 on the state exam, earning the district an “effective” rating. “I’m guessing we’ll be ‘effective’ this year, but that’s just a guess,” he said during the Lakewood School Board’s July 8 meeting. Ettenhofer said achieving 24 standards would be two more […]

Girl Scout Twilight Camp set for Dawes

JACKSONTOWN – A Girl Scout twilight camp is set for July 27 -30 at The Dawes Arboretum. The camp will run from 4:30 to 8:30 p.m. each evening. The cost is $35. Call Joni at 928-7296 for more information and to register.

Trustees want to stop Snug Harbor firework shows

THORNVILLE – Thorn Township Trustee Chairman Tim Phipps said during the July 8 trustees meeting that he doesn’t want to allow any more fireworks displays at the Snug Harbor development off of Custers Point Road. Last month, Snug Harbor developer Marty Finta hosted a large-scale celebration of the development’s progress complete with fireworks and Smooth Jazz concert. At least two […]

Things to do…

Events Dawes Arboretum – Ohio 13, three miles north of I-70. Night Hike- Friday, July 17, 9 p.m. – 11 p.m. Free, meet at the Visitors Center Deck. Experience The Arboretum at night! Kids and adults are welcome to attend the hike through collections, woodlands and trails on one of our most popular programs. Little Buckeye Imagination Session- Wednesday, July […]

Editorial was ‘unfair, biased, sarcastic and extremely one-sided’

Editor: Once again I am writing in response to Mr. Prince and his “opinions” about global warming, the American Clean Energy and Security Act (HR 2454), and Congressman Zack Space. Apparently, in my outrage over his original column in the July 4th issue, I did not make my views clear (printed July 11th) so I will try to be more […]

Editor’s Response

Once again, we have simply pasted above a copy of Vickie Fogarty’s latest letter. She is apparently unfamiliar with the concept of an editorial that in this country dates back to Benjamin Franklin. The Free Online Dictionary defines it as “an article in a publication expressing the opinion of its editors or publishers.” She is valiantly trying to defend Rep. […]