Going Back to State

Defending champions head back to Akron

LANCASTER – Lakewood’s Lady Lancers are heading back to Akron to defend their Division III State Championship. The Lancers meet Columbus Bishop Ready at 10 a.m. Friday morning at Firestone Stadium. Lakewood beat Ready during the regular season 10-0. Thanks to a rainout last Thursday, Lancer ace Alissa Birkhimer pitched 16 innings in 24 hours. Thursday’s semi-final with Piketon was […]

Union Township wants 60% of Hebron EMS revenue

HEBRON – The ball’s back in Hebron’s court in the EMS billing revenue match between Union Township Trustees and the Village of Hebron. Trustees and village representatives have argued for six months about who’s entitled to what share of the Hebron Fire Department’s EMS billing revenue. Monday night, trustees agreed to ask the village for 60 percent of all EMS […]

Township tells property owner to clean up road side

JACKSONTOWN – Robert Snedden Sr. is going to have to remove stones, stumps, railroad ties and other debris from along Somerset Road or Licking Township will do it for him. Snedden and Licking Township Trustees have been at odds over the location of Somerset Road for years. But the action trustees unanimously took Monday night doesn’t address that dispute. Snedden […]

National Road was one big yard sale

LICKING COUNTY – Columbus residents Ken and Joni Kurovsky spent Friday cruising US 40, stopping at many of the countless yard sales between Columbus and Zanesville. They weren’t looking for anything in particular. “Whatever catches our eye,” said Ken. Carole Turner hoped something she was selling would catch their eyes. “I’m anxious; I’m excited,” she said. It was Turner’s first […]

Things to do…

Events Dawes Arboretum – Ohio 13, three miles north of I-70. Bonsai Show- Saturday, June 13, 12:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. Free, at the Visitors Center. The Dawes Arboretum invites you to experience the art of bonsai at the 29th Ohio Regional Bonsai Show. Free demonstrations go on throughout the weekend. More than 100 bonsai specimens are displayed in the […]

Lighten up: For the most part, adulthood sucks

For the most part, adulthood sucks. This is what I keep telling my daughter. But at age 11, she, oddly enough, disagrees with her mother. To her, grown-ups live in a land of pocket money, complete freedom and unlimited cell phone minutes. A happy place where shiny new gadgets magically and regularly appear for no reason at all. A job? […]

Keep the lights on!

Buckeye Lake Village Council’s decision last week to turn off the village’s street lights on June 30 sounds like it was made more out of anger than financial necessity. It makes about as much financial sense as their decision several years ago to kick out a rent paying tenant to expand the police department and create a conference room. Sure […]

BLASST returns July 3rd

Editor: From the e-mails that have been coming to blasst.org which is out dated at this moment and the calls to The Beacon, I can see I’m behind in my letters. I came home a month later this year, trying to miss the special weather Ohio seems to always hold for me. No luck – it waited me out and […]

More BLASST information

Editor: Big Band Boom and All That Jazz is the theme for this year’s 4th of July celebration. The BLASST has designed special T-shirts for this year’s event and they will be an excellent addition to your collection as well as a way to show your support for this annual spectacular tradition. This year’s theme was chosen to celebrate the […]

Kirkersville Lions disbanding

Editor: The Kirkersville Area Lions Club (1981-2009) has decided to cancel and surrender its membership in the Lions Club International at the end of June. We want to thank Kirkersville and the surrounding areas for contributing and helping make our club a successful one. We are disbanding because in these hard economic times, we cannot continue to meet our obligations […]