Wet Behind the Ears!

Sweet Corn Festival parade attracts the cool crowd

MILLERSPORT- It’s good to be king, but being queen can be tough. Marching bands, military veterans, and festival queens from all over Ohio braved a remarkably chilly August 27 evening to participate in the annual Millersport Sweet Corn Festival parade. While everyone was in good spirits, several of the queens, many dressed in strapless gowns, could be overheard saying they […]

Township fiscal officer defends residency status

LANCASTER – The Fairfield County Board of Elections heard no evidence to back claims that Walnut Township Fiscal Officer Emma Pauline Ety does not reside in Walnut Township, and ruled Wednesday that she is a permanent resident. Township residents Robin Henderson and Marjorie Leitnaker sent a letter and an email, respectively, to the Board of Elections, stating that Ety owns […]

Council rejects cat ordinance

BUCKEYE LAKE – Stray cats wandering into Buckeye Lake Village better have at least six or seven lives left. Buckeye Lake Village Council members decided not to enact a cat control ordinance proposed by BARK Animal Rescue founder Bonnie Mansfield. Simply put, said council member Jim Bartoe, there’s no practical way for the village to enforce it. Bartoe said members […]

Things to do…

Events Dawes Arboretum – Ohio 13, three miles north of I-70. Catch a Good Time- Saturday, September 13, 10 – 11:30 a.m. Introduce the sport of fishing to your youngsters. We’ll supply the poles and bait. You pair adults with kids ages 4 and up, then kick back and see what bites. Cub Scout Wolves who participate will earn arrow […]


Water problems demonstrate importance of chemistry

Editor: On behalf of the National Mole Day Foundation, I wish to commend your paper for your August 30 story – “Millersport water treatment plant to restart soon.” Your paper did a good job of describing the chemistry of the water department’s recent problem. The average water customer, young and old, turns on the faucet, and expects their water to […]

Writer questions delay in road centerline determination

Editor: I cannot resist making a comment about the August 23 Beacon photo and caption about the “railroad tie issue” along the east side of Somerset Road. The thing that struck me as being odd were the statements – “Last year, Licking County Commissioners asked County Engineer Tim Lollo to determine the true centerline of the road as the first […]

Thanks for new landfill

Editor: I want to thank the Walnut Township Zoning Board for bringing a landfill to our township. It helps replace the memories of the tire dump we were so fond of. Greg Groves Walnut Township

Former marina owner responds to story

Editor: After owning a business for 25 years you get used to hearing more rumors than anyone can imagine and they run easily off your back. But when I read a story in the August 23 Beacon where Charles E. Krumm (who I sold part of Avondale Marina to) told Licking Township Trustees that the liquor license had been revoked […]

‘Watchdog’ corrects statement

Editor: Oops! In my last letter, I said that Jamie Cloud abstained on the vote to hire a new magistrate. However, she actually took Ms. Kenney’s advice and voted for the new magistrate. Her abstention was on the vote to paint the crosswalks at the school! In fact, three council members voted to paint the crosswalks while GOB (Good Ole’ […]