Thanks for brightening Jake’s Christmas with snowflakes

Editor: We want to thank everyone who helped create a winter wonderland for Jake. Thank you all for taking time to help us make this time of recovery more fun for Jake. Jake has cerebral palsy and is non-verbal. But he always wears a sweet smile and has taught us how wonderful and beautiful the little things really are. Last […]

Voters urged to join LU-T’s education heritage

Editor: For more than a half century, I have been a student and teacher/coach in the LU Schools. I was in the first seventh grade class to enter the new junior/senior high school at 600 Washington Street. It was a proud moment for students, staff, taxpayers, and the entire community. That 1955 building is currently our middle school. It has […]

Writer wants to keep her money in her pocket

Editor: Let’s see – Baltimore schools are asking for another levy over 20 or more years. Wake up people of Baltimore; we already pay too much in taxes! The players in Baltimore are not going to be happy until they have every spare dollar in my pocketbook. I smell a sly fox in my wallet as well as your’s. All […]

Writer says ‘watchdog’ wants Kirkersville to unincorporate

Editor: How convenient Bonnie Mansfield’s”amnesia” must be! She responded to letters written by me to this very publication by saying that since I no longer resided in Kirkersville, I should keep my opinions to myself. Look back through her portfolio of letters and refresh your memory. This occurred long before any levy issues. She again referred to the computer position […]

Wells discovers another questionable deal

Editor: Buckeye Lake Planning Commission Chair Karen Cookston strikes again! She acquired two more lots in Cranberry Bay for a total of $23,000. The significanceof this transfer is two-fold. 1) The lots have private homes on them – she just bought the land. 2) This appears to be another conflictof interest deal with the developer of the Bounds farm. The […]

LU-T bond levy is a oncein a-lifetime opportunity

Editor: It is not very often that a community gets an opportunity like residents of the Liberty Union School District will have on March 4th. In fact, I don’t think it’s much of a stretch to call this a once in a lifetime opportunity. LU-T voters will be asked to vote on a 2.8 mil bond levy (Issue 7) this […]

Another Letter: Writer upset with campaign sign switch

Editor: My husband is the hospital. I came home recently and saw that our Ball for Sheriff sign had been removed from our Lake Shore Drive home and replaced with a Phalen sign. I was livid! I immediately called the Sheriff’s Office non-emergency number and asked for a deputy to take a report. A deputy came and took a report. […]

Mooney responds to criticism

Editor: I have had the misfortune to be beset by a local literary redneck making a series of wildly distorted claims. Based on the malicious nature of the letter, I realize that I’m being personally attacked by some clown that I’ve never even heard of. Rather than get his info from county websites as he claims, it’s clear that Thomas […]

Writer praises trustees for Swamp Road repair

Editor: Union Township Trustees deserve a lot of credit for their repair job on Swamp Road. The Shelly Company probably deserves equal credit. This road had become almost impassable and for the paltry sum in today’s money of less than $40,000 (as best I recall), they made emergency repairs making the road passable. The trustees could have easily spent several […]

‘Watchdog’ still keeping an eye on Kirkersville

Editor: The February 6th council meeting in Kirkersville was amusing and sad at the same time. Former mayor, now council member Bennie Evans’ did most of the talking as the meeting began. If you didn’t know in advance, you might think there were two mayors…the one elected by the people; and the one trying to crawl back into the seat […]