Dawes has its day

Photos & Story by Scott Rawdon JACKSONTOWN – It was Jaz Livingston’s third time to rope climb a gigantic tree at Dawes Arboretum and he wasn’t ready to come down for a while. Jaz’ mother, Gloria, said she and her son often bicycle through Dawes and were happy to learn of last Saturday’s Arbor Day celebration on one their frequent […]

Local schools prepared for emergencies

LAKE AREA- Lakewood School District Superintendent Jay Gault absolutely believes his school district is prepared for an emergency situation, in the wake of the Virginia Tech tragedy where a lone gunman killed 32 students and wounded many more April 16. Buckeye Lake Area schools are no more or less vulnerable to violence than other rural American school districts, but it’s […]

Buckeye Lake is at full pool

BUCKEYE LAKE – “The lake is at full pool,” Buckeye Lake State Park Manager Tim Waln announced at the traditional breakfast April 27. Waln said 2006 was a good one for the park, winning the Volunteer Park of the Year Award and the Division of Parks and Recreation’s Gazelle Award. The number of volunteers and the hours worked jumped over […]


There are a couple of errors in the Lakewood Schools Quarterly Update published in our April 13 issue. Unfortunately, the last day of school for Lakewood students isn’t May 31. Thanks to all the calamity days, students will attend through June 7. Jackson Elementary students in grades K-1 will tour Hebron Elementary on Wednesday May 16, not May 6 as […]

Things to do…

Events Dawes Arboretum – Ohio 13, three miles north of I-70. Building a Stone Retaining Wall- Saturday, May 12, 10am – 1pm, Stone retaining walls are practical hardscaping elements and they’re also simple to construct. Learn by doing during this handson workshop where you’ll find out what tools and techniques are required to construct one of these sturdy and versatile […]

Village doesn’t deserve more of your money

They’re back! This time Buckeye Lake Village officials want three mills in NEW taxes ($46/year for a $50,000 property, $92/year for a $100,000 property and so on) for a so called safety services levy. Officially, it is for general operating expenses which means it can be spent for any village operating expense like salaries, benefits,utilities, insurance, phone bills etc. This […]

Writer wants to left out of Kirkerville battle


Some Kirkersville officials say they are only interested in what’s best for the future of Kirkersville and its citizens. I say that’s a bunch of crap. If that were true, why do they use the word parties when responding to anything Bonnie Mansfieldsays? Let me answer that. Those same officials don’t have the guts to say my name. Let me […]

Another Letter: ‘Watchdog’ tells the ‘Good Ole’ Boys’ to get facts right


Since my last letter, I have found that not only did the GOB’s hire former Police Chief Bob Frye who was caught “double dipping,” but they are paying him $9 per hour and he doesn’t even have to punch a time clock! When he was caught “double-dipping,” he was turning in handwritten time cards claiming he had worked on the […]

Lakewood High School names honor students

HEBRON – Lakewood High School recently named its honor students for the third nine-weeks grading period. Principal’s List Seniors: Ryan Adkins, Josh Atkins, Spenser Dickerson, Elizabeth Edwards, Lanesse’ Garner, William Harris, Elaine Hertler, Brittany Kidwell, Brandy Langley, Tesi Lewis, Chelsea Mangia, Colbey Mason, Brandon Moore, Bret Moore, Jennifer Mullens, Caitlin Myers, Katie Myers, Brittany Newman, Seth Reed and Bill Remias. […]

Millersport High names honor students

MILLERSPORT – Millersport High School recently named its honor students for the third nine-week grading period. “A” Average Seniors: Jonathon Adams, Rachel Alley (4.0), Lauren Arrowsmith (4.0), Kelly Atwood, Adam Bane, Nick Brison, Rodney Dermer, Jessica Henderson, Nathan Hicks, Renee Lozier (4.0), Christina Moriarty, Laci Nutt, Sarah Rhodes (4.0), Elizabeth Slater (4.0) and Brandon Watkins. Juniors: Travis Atwood, Kyle Brookover, […]