Writer has questions on huge sewer rate increase

Editor: Licking County Board of Commissioners have stepped beyond their positions as representing the sanitary customers (AKA the electorate) in the Buckeye Lake Region by proposing the unreasonable rates noted in their letter dated January 12, 2007. The electorate placed them in officeand they need to be held accountable for responsible management and vision for the sanitary service. People need […]

More opposition to increase

Editor: As full time residents of Buckeye Lake, we are very much opposed to the increase in sewer rates. Although we understand the need for periodic raises in fees, this seems exorbitant. Why was there no prior public discussions about this? It shouldn’t be a take it or leave it proposition from Licking County. Join us at the meeting on […]

More Letters: Writer thanks village for opposing sewer rate increase

Editor, On Monday night, I attended The Village of Buckeye Lake Council Meeting. I asked the mayor, council president and all council members to voice their objection to the unfair and unaffordable sewer fee increases proposed by Licking County Commissioners and Licking County Water and Wastewater District Director Ken Salsberry. They agreed to send a letter to the Commissioners and […]

‘Watchdog’ plays ‘Guess the Village’

Editor: What is an ill-gotten (illegal) statement? Steve Martin (neighbor kid to the Kirkersville mayor) reminds me of the former Kirkersville police officerwho didn’t like that I put FACTS in my letters in the Beacon. He thought I should stick to my OPINION. Understandably so, since the FACTS make the Kirkersville officials look bad. No one has to make this […]

Hike is ‘outrageous’

Editor: I encourage all residents and property owners in the Village of Buckeye Lake and the surrounding areas to attend the upcoming public meeting concerning sewer rate increases. The meeting will be held at Lakewood High School on January 31, at 7:00 p.m. The recent fee increases, as announced in a Commissioners’ letter dated January 12, 2007, appear to be […]

More Letters: New opportunity to comment on power outages

Editor: Residents in central Ohio concerned about power outages and the cost of their electricity from American Electric Power (AEP) have an opportunity to express their opinions at a local public hearing in Newark at 6 p.m. on Jan. 31 at the Central Ohio Technical College, Reese Center Auditorium, 1209 University Drive. This hearing replaces one originally scheduled for Jan. […]

Mindset leads to New Rome

Editor: I promise you that I am not trying to initiate a running gun battle with Kirkersville’s Mr. Martin. However, I don’t want anyone to get the impression that I don’t respect reasonable speed limits. If anyone thinks that 35 MPH on a remote stretch of road that has zero houses on it is reasonable then, in my opinion, they […]

$109 a month

Editor: The new sewer rates proposed by the Licking County Commissioners aren’t affordable for some Buckeye Lake residents. According to my calculations, our residents are going to be paying about $109 per month for water and sewer. Monthly water bills are going to be at least $50 per month (plus or minus a few dollars) and we are already being […]

More Letters: Rate hike stinks

Editor: As a resident of Buckeye Lake, I am very concerned regarding the proposed rate increase for sewer services. I am even more amazed that this issue was not brought to the “people” by the commissioners AND at the rate of the increase itself. I have always been a believer that if it looks like a skunk and smells like […]

More comments on the sewer hike

Editor, I recently received my notification of the large increase in the sewer rates. I was shocked to findout one; how quickly this was to take effect and two; the amount of increase. I have owned a home in Buckeye Lake since 1998 as my “vacation getaway” and enjoy the area and people very much. I have completely renovated within […]

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