A Narrow Escape

Floodwaters subside at the last minute

LAKE AREA- Memories of January 2004 and 2005 made lake area residents nervous as flood waters rose to dangerously high levels Monday evening. This year, however, Mother Nature gave us a break, even as water started to cover the I-70 exit ramp to SR 79 south. By Tuesday afternoon, the flood waters from this month’s steady rains began receding. For […]

Board rehears McCance request for lot split

THORNVILLE- The Thorn Township Zoning Appeals Board listened one more time to a case that nearly led to the repeal of all zoning in the township last November. The appeals board has 30 days from Jan. 11 to decide to uphold a denial of a McCance family request to split 61 acres of land, purchased in 1969 (22 years before […]

Budget issue threatens 24/7 on-duty coverage

MILLERSPORT – On-duty 24/7 fireand EMS coverage could end after one month on January 31. Walnut Township voters approved an additional 3 mill firelevy Nov. 7 to provide funds to have a minimum two-person paramedic crew on duty around the clock. The new permanent levy will raise an additional $448,500 per year, according to Walnut Township Clerk Pauline Ety. T […]

Trustees subpoenaed to annexation hearing

HEBRON – All three Union Township trustees and Union Township Police Chief Paula Green were subpoenaed to be available for questions during a Jan. 18 annexation meeting 5:30 p.m. at Granville High School called by the Licking County Commissioners. The proposed annexation calls for more than 514 acres of land – 135 acres of which is in Union Township – […]

Baltimore seeking police chief

BALTIMORE- Do you want to be Baltimore’s full-time police chief? If so, send the village your resume by Feb. 9, and expect plenty of competition. Baltimore Mayor Bob Kalish said the village is ready for a full-time police chief and he’s enlisted the help of the Ohio Association of Chiefs of Police to advertise to its 900 members. Kalish said […]

It’s sausage sale time

THORNVILLE – The Annual Thornville Lions Club Sausage Sale is now in progress. Sausage is available in either 3 lb. bulk for $7.50 or 5 lb. patty (20) for $13.50 boxes. All proceeds fund an academic scholarship to be awarded to a Sheridan High School graduating senior. To order please call Larry Roberts at 740-246-6194. Sausage orders will be delivered […]

Writer wants ‘watchdog’ to apologize for ‘untrue facts’

Editor: I am writing in response to two letters in last week’s Beacon. The first letter was written by Vic Leavitt. Vic, you state in your letter that you avoid Kirkersville because of its reputation as “New Rome East.” That doesn’t make any sense to me. Do you not driver through Kirkersville because you don’t want to get caught speeding? […]

Liberty Township voter says message for change forgotten

Editor: Liberty Township Trustees had the opportunity to continue with their change of the zoning commission, which is a reason the 2005 election that replaced two former trustees. Change did not occur. Two of the trustees (Ivan Ety and Tim Linkhorn) did not remember the message that was sent by voters – Liberty Township wants change, because it does not […]

‘Watchdog’ says audit shows need for better controls

Editor: To Vic Leavitt and Charles Starr I am very proud of you and wish to say, “Thank you” for expressing your opinions and your feelings regarding the recent concerns in Kirkersville. As most of us realize, it is not always the citizens who are affected by the actions of some of the public officials but also affected are motorists […]

Writer shocked by proposed sewer bill hike

Editor: How many residents have read the letter sent out this week from the Licking County Board of Commissioners? I’m shocked that they want to impose a $20 monthly increase in our sewer rate. They plan to raise it from $29 a month to $49 a month starting in February. The letter invites us to a public meeting on January […]