Three Millersport High School juniors were honored last month at the Lancaster LaSertoma Youth Service Banquet. From left to right are Alyssa Arnold, Clayton Keller, Alexandria Reasoner and guest speaker, Fairfield County Sheriff David Phalen. The Youth Service program is a progressive award and Arnold's project is being sent on to the Regional competition. Alyssa's project was "Laker Locker," which was born out of her desire to help needy families in our community. She asked for clothing donations from her friends and family. She then organized the clothing in her garage and put up flyers throughout town telling people when they could come and pick up free clothing. She donated the leftovers to LEADS in Buckeye Lake. "This project taught me to be more appreciative of the small things in my life," Arnold explained. " It took a great deal of effort to make this all possible and in the end it was all worth it." Clayton's project was his Eagle Scout Project. He designed and built a concrete walkway from Millersport Elementary to Millersport High School. "This project meant a lot to me because of the help of my Uncle Klaude who passed away this past December," Keller said. On Sunday, March 15, Clayton received his Eagle Scout award as a result of this project. Alexandria's project was a response to a need in our community after the fall wind storm. The morning after the storm, she went with a group of teenagers and her pastor to help elderly people clean up their yards of the debris. "Some of the people we helped live alone and were very grateful for our help," Reasoner said. We didn't have time to make a big plan or a lot of organization. We saw the need and we responded without hesitation. I love helping people, and this project gave me the chance to do that." Joyce Murphy North Central International Director, presented each student with a gift for their outstanding service to their community from the club. Courtesy photo. 021p1_xlg.jpg