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Licking Township Trustees will be accepting resumes
and letters of interest from township residents through Friday,
August 21, 2015, for one (1) permanent and one (1) alternate
member to be appointed to the Licking Township Zoning
The Licking Township Zoning Commission is a fi ve­member
board that serves by appointment of the Licking
Township Trustees. Each member is appointed to a fi ve­year
term, expected to attend regular meetings held on the
second and fourth Monday of each month @ 6:30 p.m., and is
responsible for recommendations on overall planning and re­zoning
issues in the Township.__ Please send resumes/letter of
interest with qualifi cations to Andrea Lynch, Licking Township
Fiscal Offi cer, at P.O. Box 222, Jacksontown, Ohio, 43030.
Zoning Commission Openings
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