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Shred -it Day: Sponsored by the Village of Hebron & Hebron Lions Club
Thanks to our volunteers we were able to clean up four storm ditch areas in
Hebron and the South Fork of the Licking River in Union Township,
removing 50 cubic yards of trash & debris and 17 tires.
Marla Yates; John,
Mandy & Britanie
Summer Black;
Jim & Mary Stick-radt;
Evan Triplett;
Ron Foote; Sharon
Marsha Sales;
Janet Weaver;
Jeremy Gosnell;
Fred Durbin; Joe
Sager; William
Schmidt; Brian
Casto; Don &
Ben Rector; Gary
Blackford; Mi-chael
Dave Cable; and
Rick Black
State Industrial
Clay’s Café
Hayman’s Dari Bar
Gosnell Concrete
Thank you ...
Volunteers & Sponsors!
Thanks to ALL the volunteers & sponsors
county-wide who made this the best River Roundup ever!
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