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Resolution 12-05-16 signed by the Licking Township
Board of Trustees on December 5, 2016, authorizes the
disposal of unneeded, obsolete or unfi t personal property,
including motor vehicles by Internet Auction. This reso-lution
is in accordance with ORC Section 505.10. The
ORC states the Board shall adopt, during each calendar
year, a resolution expressing its intent to sell that property
by internet auction.
All items being auctioned on the Internet will be listed
on the Licking Township website (www.lickingtwpohio.
us) and will include a link to the commercial web site hosting the auction.
An on-line auction will commence December 8, 2016,
and will include photos and a description of each item.
All items will be sold as is, where is with Licking
Township making no guarantee as to the condition of said
items, and with the purchaser being responsible for the
removal of said items within 10 days.
The purchaser will be required to make payment in
full within fi ve (5) days following the close of the auc-tion
through electronic funds transfer. No
property will be released until payment in full has been
received by Licking Township.
Notice of Intent to Dispose of Surplus
Personal Property by Internet Auction
By order of the Board of Licking Township Trustees, Licking County, Ohio
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