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Rick Hoskinson
While it is always best to
plan ahead, this is not always
the case. Death frequently
occurs at a point when the
survivors have no idea of what
course to follow.
The fi rst decision concerns
whom to call when death occurs.
If the remains or certain organs
have been willed or donated to a
medical school, organ bank, or
similar facility, the organization
involved should be contacted
immediately upon death. Timely
removal of donated organs is
Something To
Think About
If donation is not the
disposition of choice, you
may need some time to make
the basic decisions about
arrangements. You may wish
to have the body removed
temporarily to a funeral home
while you are deciding which
establishment will actually
handle the funeral. In such a
case, you should make it clear
that you are asking the funeral
director only to pick up the
body and hold it while you
decide on arrangements and
which facility to use.
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