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Rick Hoskinson
A funeral home is used by
many people for the ceremony
preceding burial or cremation.
Alternatives might be a church
or synagogue, a private home,
or a fraternal meeting place.
Transportation may be a factor,
as well as cost. In addition,
you should consider where the
service will be most meaningful
to you, the availability of other
facilities and convenience.
Your decision about whether
or not to have the body present
will also play a part in deciding
Something To
Think About
Selecting Funeral Location
where to hold the funeral
ceremony. If the body is present,
the funeral home may be the most
convenient place. On the other, if
the body is not to be present, you
will have greater fl exibility about
where to hold the service.
You will need to decide
whether providing the
opportunity for friends and family
to call is important to you. Most
counselors feel that visitation
and a ceremony, religious or
other, is helpful for the mourning
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