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Rick Hoskinson
Many people feel that
fl owers add a beautiful touch
to a funeral ceremony and are
a meaningful way of showing
respect and sympathy. Others
feel there are more appropriate
ways to express sorrow, such as
donations to charity. The choice
is obviously a personal one.
Flowers for a funeral can
range form several roses on the
casket to elaborate sprays and
baskets. In some communities,
it is traditional for the immediate
family to provide a fl ower piece
Something To
Think About
Flowers for Funeral
for the casket, and for friends
and other family members to
purchase other arrangements.
People can spend less than fi fty
dollars to many hundreds of
dollars on funeral fl owers.
If you decide to order
fl owers, you can usually deal
directly with a fl orist. The
funeral director can, however,
take care of ordering for you.
Naturally, you can select the
kind of fl owers, color, and style
of arrangement you wish.
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