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Rick Hoskinson
The family has several
options with regard to the
disposal of cremated remains.
INURNMENT. The remains
can be placed in an urn or
other type of container and
permanently located in a niche
at the columbarium. Many
cemeteries have such facilities.
BURIAL. A second option
involves burying the cremated
remains in an earth grave in
the canister or urn. Burials of
cremated remains can be in
a family plot or a special area
Something To
Think About
Ashes Disposal
available in many cemeteries.
SCATTERING. Strewing the
cremated remains is a third
option. This requires some
pulverization because there
are usually some larger bone
fragments after cremation. The
remains are then distributed
on the ground, into a stream
or over the ocean. Providing
there are no legal prohibitions,
cremated remains may also be
scattered in a place of particular
sentimental attachment.
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