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Rick Hoskinson
Death certifi cates are one of
the most important documents
to have after the death of a
loved one. Death certifi cates are
provided by the local government
offi ce that registers deaths.
Survivors will need offi cial death
certifi cates - simple photocopies
are usually not adequate for most
purposes - when applying for
various death benefi ts such as
veteran’s or union benefi ts. Death
certifi cates are also needed when
applying for pension and life
insurance benefi ts, and other
survivor benefi ts.
Something To
Think About
Importance of Death Certifi cates
Your attorney or funeral
director can help you determine
how many certifi cates you may
need. The cost varies from
municipality to municipality, but
is usually in the range of $25
per certifi cate. Usually it is less
expensive to request all you need
at one time. A funeral director
can obtain the certifi cates for you,
or you can obtain them directly
yourself. Your funeral director
can also assist you in fi ling for
the various death benefi ts.
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