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Rick Hoskinson
Embalming is required
by health regulations only
in certain circumstances,
primarily if death is from
certain contagious diseases, if
disposition of the remains is not
accomplished within a specifi c
period of time, or if the body is
to be shipped between states.
In other circumstances, the
choice is unrestricted. While
some individuals are opposed
to embalming for religious
reasons, personal aesthetics
prompt some others to decide
Something To
Think About
If Embalming is not Required
in favor of embalming. For the
survivors, the presence of the
body is an important part of the
ritual. They may also feel that
viewing the embalmed body
helps survivors in dealing with
the loss.
For viewing the body, other
preparations are involved. This
may include washing, applying
cosmetics, and hairdressing.
Clothing can also be part of
the preparation. Most funeral
directors stock and offer special
burial garments.
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