MILLERSPORT - Two years of fundraising came together on Saturday, July 21 for the Laker PTO. Thanks to parents, students and the Millersport community, volunteers installed new playground equipment, including a multi-level play structure, two basketball goals, several picnic tables and benches. The volunteers, including the Laker Varsity Football team, worked under the direction of Mike Washburn, district maintenance supervisor, and Ken Schmithorst of Walnut Grove Playgrounds. Volunteers were Joe Little, Robe Wiseman, Tom Laird, Dave Holtz, Rick Thompson, Scott Schilling, Brian Schilling, Nick Lewis, Kerry Green, Doy Stanley, Will Hanley, Justin Carpenter, Jake Murphy, Robert Hanley, Shad Freeman, Brandon Nutt, Ralphy Whitney, Jacord Laid, Jeff Maynar, Kyle Foster, Darren White, Kevin Rodgers, Zack Carr, Chris Maise and Sammy Little. Courtesy photo. 014p1_xlg.jpg