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Soft Tissue Lasers in Dentistry
How are lasers used in dentistry?
Soft tissue lasers are a great way to correct a lot of cosmetic issues like a “gummy” smile. Sometimes
patients complain of seeing too much gum when they smile and their teeth appear “short”. Lasers
can painlessly and easily contour the gums to eliminate that problem. They are also terrifi c for
reducing bacteria in the pockets of patients with gum disease. Lasers are really a great value to
patients because they are so much more comfortable, eliminating the need for traditional cutting
of soft tissues and they speed up the healing process as well. The use of lasers in the dental offi ce
is just one way patients know they are getting the most up to date care and attention they deserve.
For more information about lasers and how they can be used, Call us today at Crossroads Dental.
We look forward to helping!
Dr. Steve Lee
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