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I’m hearing a lot of news about oral cancer these days.
Why so much more recent attention?
Oral Cancer is on the rise in a dramatic way. Over 42,000 people will be diagnosed this year and it kills one
person per hour every single day. It affects all ages, genders, and races and the fastest growing segment of
the population is under age 30 due to the discovery of it’s link to HPV and the high incidence of smokeless
tobacco products. The good news is that your dental exams can literally save your life! When performed
properly, dentists and hygienists provide the best, most thorough oral cancer exams and make sure that you
get the right medical referral if anything suspicious is found. There is new technology, like the Velscope, that
can provide even greater accuracy when screening for detection. Also, many dentists in the community are
linking with major regional cancer centers so that referrals for diagnosis can be easier for the patients. So,
don’t skip that twice-annual “check up”. It’s more than just a cleaning and can help stop the rise of deaths
from this devastating disease. To schedule a comprehensive oral cancer exam, call Crossroads Dental Group
in Hebron. We are equipped with the latest technology and can put your mind at ease.
Dr. Steve Lee
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