John and Joetta Holt of Rownd Island recently hosted the Greater Buckeye Lake Historical Society’s Annual Summer Island Tour by opening up their home to over 100 guests with the proceeds benefiting the Society. The island is one of the most asked about on Buckeye Lake, as the square hamburger king, Dave Thomas, once owned it. The sounds of the Jack Gorham Band drifted across the waters of Buckeye Lake and the perfect sunset as the theme of the evening, “Stepping Back in Time” made you believe that you were in the 1945’s. Rocking out to the Big Band sound was a common experience when our area boosted over 50,000 visitors a day packing the Buckeye Lake Park to hear Harry James or Gene Krupa. John Doneff, Island House proprietor, provided all the delicious ‘ourdovours along with a themed punch Rum Runner. The Museum gives great big thanks to his excellent staff and to John. The evening meal was provided by the host’s brother, Rodney. He cooked up a fish buffet with all the sides donated by the hosts. Museum Director J-me Braig reportedthat the evening was a total success. “We met our goal”, she said. “The members and friends of the society were very generous. The Museum can continue its work in bringing tourists to our beautiful lake for recreation. Society President Fred Bair thanked the 20 volunteers that gave of their time to make sure the evening was a success. “They worked for several days on the island, setting up and taking down”, Bair said. “He noted,” without these dedicated volunteers the museum would not be able to operate.” Courtesy photo. 16p1.jpg