Frustration with high grass like at this Columbia Gas Transmission substation on Cumberland Street is reviving interest in Hebron’s proposed Exterior Maintenance Property Code. The village’s Planning and Zoning Board drafted a code last year, held two public forums and revised it based on public comments before recommending it to village council for approval. Village council members tabled it. It came up again early this month when council’s representative on the Planning and Zoning Board, Jim Friend, asked if there is an alternative to the three-letter approach for failure to cut grass. Mayor Clifford Mason responded, “We need to get council back on track for an exterior maintenance code.” The code would provide some teeth for enforcement and ultimately allow the village to cut the vegetation. The cleanup cost could then be added to the property’s tax bill. Mason suggested that Friend add the issue to the agenda for council’s combined committee meeting on May 14. Only Friend, Mason and Council President Annelle Porter were present May 14. Two residents urged council to adopt the proposed code. Friend and Porter agreed that it should be an action item on the agenda for council’s May 23 meeting at 7:30 p.m. Beacon photo by Charles Prince. 18p1.jpg