2011-10-29 / Editorials & Letters

More support for Leith for trustee


My buddies and I were discussing the upcoming election last week in a local restaurant. We don’t agree on every issue and the Walnut Township Trustee race came up.

One friend said he was asked by the Millersport Village Council president to write a letter to The Beacon support Fire Chief Bill Yates. Another friend said the same thing. We thought it was odd that Mr. Yates wasn’t asking people to write on his behalf.

It was mentioned in a letter last week that some voters may not know the other candidate, Doug Leith. Many of us know Doug and will be voting for him. Another reason is we do know Mr. Yates and that is why we won’t be voting for him. We need someone that will be an independent thinker and not tied to the fire department. We all agree that Mr. Yates will have too much of a conflict of interest as a trustee.

George Crawford

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